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Pet Fooled: Interview with Kohl Harrington

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Kohl Harrington, the director and writer of the documentary Pet Fooled. The meeting was unplanned and the venue wasn’t right for me to ask a bunch of questions even though I wanted to. Luckily, Kohl was happy to do an interview for the blog at a later time. The

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Homemade Treats

Our adventure took in my kitchen over the weekend. How does homemade sweet potato sunflower seed butter biscuits sound? Xena anxiously waited for the first batch for tasting. When I gave her two to taste, she took them carefully to her private place and savored them. Then, she ran back to me for more! Ingredients:

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Whatever Wednesday: Hydration

Everyone knows hydration is important for your body. This is especially important when you are adventuring in outdoors. Coconut water is my go to hydration source on the trails. It’s tasty and has many health benefits. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Each coconut water brand tastes slightly different to me. My personal favorite

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