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Whatever Wednesday: Ginger Tea

When I was young, my mom made ginger tea all throughout the winter. My palate wasn’t fully developed yet so I wasn’t a fan of the taste but enjoyed the aroma of spicy yet warm ginger filled the whole house. My mom’s tea had two ingredients: ginger and dried Jujube. You can get dried Jujubes at any

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Whatever Wednesday: Matcha Green Tea Oatmeal

Ingredients: 1/4 c (organic) steel cut oats 1 tbsp (organic) chia seeds 1 tsp (organic) matcha green tea powder 1 c (organic) soy milk 1/2 tsp (organic) maple syrup 1/8 c chopped unsalted dry roasted almonds 1 tsp golden raisins I use my lunch crock food warmer to make this oatmeal but you can make

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Summer in a Bowl

I love quinoa. It’s very versatile. I have replaced my rice with quinoa more than a year ago and never looked back. I also make a variety of salads with it all year around. Here is an entree salad I made yesterday. What’s in the bowl? Cooked organic quinoa Organic arugula Dried cranberries Organic apple

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