Jeep Arch Trail Moab

Jeep Arch Trail


Hey guys! Looking for us? I know we’ve been very quiet but we are still here. We’ve been busy trying to adjust to the new norm of things due to the current climate like everyone else. Changing a job is a big transition regardless of when it happens but doing it during this crazy time put additional stress especially when it wasn’t planned. But it’s behind us now and we have a new routine. It finally feels less chaotic. Now that I feel more grounded, I will be more active here going forward and share our adventures BC (Before COVID-19)!

If you follow us on social media, you know that we had a road trip back in February. I am SO grateful we made that trip before the stay-at-home order happened. Without it, staying positive and inspired during the past two months would have been a lot harder. Exponentially harder. My soul needs a routine getaway for inspiration.

I am excited to share our trip to Moab, Utah in the next several posts! Moab is known for its wonderful national parks such as Arches and Canyonlands but as you know, dogs are not allowed on the trails in the national parks. Arches National Park isn’t the only place with natural arches in Moab! There are many dog-friendly hikes you can do with your pup when you are in town!

The first arch we hiked to is called Jeep Arch. The arch is shaped like a jeep from a side view. I am a sucker for fun name hikes. What can I say!

Jeep Arch trail parking area is on Google Maps. Also, I will leave the coordinates at the bottom of this post. Rt 279, which runs next to Colorado River, is a great place to find awesome local hikes.

After parking at the dirt turnout on Rt 279, we began the hike toward this rock formation.


The trail starts behind the hill. First, look for this tunnel.


Survey the tunnel then walk through it.


On the other side of the tunnel, you will find the trail sign.


The trail will take you up to a railroad. Continue on Jeep Arch Trail.


Where is the trail?


This trail isn’t marked in most parts. In fact, you won’t be hiking on a trail most of this hike. You will need to follow cairns like the one below. Sometimes, you will find more cairns than you need because people were having fun making them. However, we didn’t run into any cairns that were put there randomly.


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In the first mile, you will hike on boulders mostly. When you reach this Loop sign at about 0.9-mile marker, the terrain changes to dirt. We did this loop clockwise. Do you see the tall column in the middle of the photo? We were heading there.


Jeep Arch Trail is exposed. I recommend avoiding hot summer months especially if you plan to hike with your pup.

Jeep Arch, here we come!


Xena’s Jeep


After a short break, we continued with the loop clockwise.


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This little hike is less crowded compared to the very popular Corona Arch hike nearby. After the hike, we drove to the Gold Bar Group Campground nearby to use the facility and make lunch. Since it was during the off-season, the place was empty. We picked a campsite we like and made our camping food then enjoyed the lunch by Colorado River.

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date:  2.15.20
  • Distance:  4 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain:  940 ft
  • Maximum Altitude:  4,865 ft
  • Difficulty Rating:  Moderate-Challenging
  • Trailhead/Parking: 38.578486, -109.635990 (copy/paste to your GPS)
  • Fee/Permit:  None
  • Vault toilets available at the Gold Bar Group Campground nearby
  • Notable: Exposed, moderately trafficked, rocky, cairns, heat, snow, kid-friendly, paw protection gear highly recommended

Get Our Latest Comprehensive Dog-friendly Trail List Here. Enjoy!

Happy Hiking!

4 comments on “Jeep Arch Trail”

  1. What a wonderful hike! We did that one about 3 years ago. (My, how time flies!) Moab is such a lovely spot.

  2. Wow…really stunning images. I particularly like the one with your pup framed in the opening of the rock formation. (Hard to get them to stand still in the right spot.)

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