Summer in a Bowl


I love quinoa. It’s very versatile. I have replaced my rice with quinoa more than a year ago and never looked back. I also make a variety of salads with it all year around. Here is an entree salad I made yesterday.


What’s in the bowl?
Cooked organic quinoa
Organic arugula
Dried cranberries
Organic apple
Organic Persian cucumber
Mini heirloom tomatoes
Jalapeño (seed removed)
Dry roasted unsalted almonds
Organic orange bell peppers
Hard boiled organic egg
Black beans (out of can, rinsed)
Olive oil
Orange muscat champagne vinegar
Organic garlic (1 clove)
Salt & pepper to season

Only one ingredient needs to be cooked and you decide how much each ingredient you want to add to the salad based on your taste. Chop all ingredients about the same size and toss them in the dressing. Due to my onion allergy, I skip it but a little bit of red onion would be good in this salad.


Only thing this bowl is missing is avocado. Add a half of avocado when serving. I think it tastes better next day after all the ingredients had a chance to get to know each other. Enjoy!

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