Pet Fooled: Interview with Kohl Harrington

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of meeting Kohl Harrington, the director and writer of the documentary Pet Fooled. The meeting was unplanned and the venue wasn’t right for me to ask a bunch of questions even though I wanted to. Luckily, Kohl was happy to do an interview for the blog at a later time.

The following is our exclusive Q&A with Kohl Harrington. 


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Whatever Wednesday: Pet Fooled


Have you watched Pet Fooled yet? All pet owners need to watch it.

A few weeks ago, Pet Fooled was recommended to me by a friend. It’s an investigative documentary about the commercial pet food industry. I was intrigued. Xena’s been showing food sensitivities to her food for the past 3 months all of sudden so I’ve been doing some research online about different pet food. I rented it from Amazon and watched it with curiosity.

Our pets are part of our family and we want to give them the best of the world. Do you know exactly what is in the food you give to your pets? Until this documentary film, there has been no other film to study the pet food industry. Remember Food, Inc from 2008? That documentary started a passionate movement that has had a positive impact on consumer education and buying choices, animal welfare, national health advocacy, food industry and farming. Ultimately, having a positive impact on the food we eat today. There is still a lot to be improved so the movement is ongoing. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the commercial pet food industry.

Fast forward to 3 weeks, I had a pleasure meeting Kohl Harrington, the director of Pet Fooled in person! He was super nice in person and I wanted to learn more about the stories of making this documentary. Lucky for us, Kohl agreed to do a Q&A for our readers! Yeah~! Meanwhile, go watch the film and let me know what you think. 🙂 It’s available on Netflix and Amazon.


Product Review: Hurtta Dazzle Rope Leash

This weekend the daylight saving time will end. Are you and your dog going to be safe walking in the dark?

Hurtta America sent us their new Dazzle Rope Leash in Hi-Viz Orange to test. We never had a rope leash so I was excited to try it out. This review is based on our normal use for 1 1/2 months on daily walks.

Product Specs

  • Size: 6′ x 1/2″ (6′ x 1/4″ also available)
  • Color: Hi-Viz Orange
  • Retail: $33.00
  • Weight:  6.65 oz


Source:  Hurtta America

Design and Function – 4/5


3M reflectors are intertwined with the neon orange rope to improve visibility in the dark. My initial reaction to the rope was, “Wow, that’s bright!” The Hi-Viz orange definitely screams for attention during the day. Several dog owners pointed out to me how bright the leash is and how they like it.

A D-ring connects the soft padded handle to the leash which is perfect for clipping the poop bag dispenser.

The lobster clip was easy to use and worked as expected.

The Hi-Viz orange made Xena visible in the dark. Below photo was taken 40 minutes after sunset without the flash. You cannot see objects in the photo clearly but you can see the leash and her Hi-Viz collar (a separate review will be available).


Quality and Durability – 3/5

The D-ring shows wear and tear but my biggest complaint though is the lint from the rope. The lint shows all over the rope as you can see below so it did just OK in the durability test. Other than that, I don’t see a noticeable flaw with the leash.

I am used to leather and nylon leashes. When Xena saw a stray cat and wanted to chase it, I struggled with the leash a bit to pull her back. Unlike the leather and nylon leashes, this rope is soft. I had less control over the situation. It might not be the best option if your pup is a strong puller on walks. I wish the rope is tighter. I had a chance to look at the 1/4″ rope leash and the rope seemed more tightly constructed.

Fit and Fashion – 4/5

6′ length is what I am used to and like. The padded handle is soft and comfortable but I wish the leash is lint-free.

The bright orange is eye-catching for sure and it would look good on any color pup. Not a major thing on a black dog but I wonder if it would look better if the metal connectors are the same color as the rope. It would streamline the look. I am not a big fan of contrasting colors unless they are in the sky.


Overall – 3.7/5

This weekend the daylight saving will end. I like that Dazzle Rope Leash keeps Xena visible in the dark and low light settings. It’s a good supplement to a safety collar or a harness and a smart addition to fall/winter gear collection. I would like to see the the 1/2″ rope to be constructed more tightly though in the next version. It will improve the durability.


Product Review: Heyrex Torus Pet Water Bowl

TORUS™ is a watering system, portable storage bowl and supplement dispenser in one!



In May, I was asked to try Heyrex’s Torus pet water bowl. Water filtering system that is portable? Sounded great so I agreed to try it. Also, Xena’s picky about the water she drinks. She doesn’t drink water from public water fountains unless the water is flowing, from bowls she doesn’t know and from water fountains that are powered by electricity because they hum. I thought she would make a good tester. This review is based on our daily use as a secondary bowl for several months.

Product Description

The bowl comes in two sizes – 1L and 2L. I tried 1L.

  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight without water:  1.1 pounds
  • Retail price:  $51.95 (
  • Requires no batteries or electricity
  • One filter is included.

Design – 5/5

TORUS™ watering bowls store up to 2L of water inside their reservoir walls, filtering the water as it automatically dispenses. Its large capacity means less filling and its low profile means less spills or mess.

It’s not any shorter than other water bowls out there in the market. However, the weight of the water in the storage and the short 4 non-skid stands on the back in addition to the low profile work together to keep the bowl in place and to prevent spilling and tipping over.

The water is filtered as it is dispensed. While Xena drank, fresh water was dispensed and refilled the bowl to just above the water outlet slot. I think Xena found it interesting first time so she kept drinking. Haha.

It is advertised to have less splash mess because it maintains a low water level. Xena isn’t a messy drinker to begin with so I wasn’t able to test this.

Small dogs and dogs without any neck issues should not have any problem drinking out of the bowl. For senior dogs or dogs with neck issues, the bowl can be always raised by placing it on a stable stand.

The ergonomic design is easy on the eye, easy to handle and drink water from.

Filter should be replaced monthly. The price for 5-pack of carbon replacement filters is $15.99 at $3.20/mo isn’t bad considering how much bottled water costs.

Available colors are blue, charcoal, pink and red.

Function – 4/5

Water fill, flow and lock options work as expected. I leave the filter in during filling and water does not flow into the drinking well. When I clean or move the bowl, I keep the switch at the lock position.

After I filled it up for the first time, I let the filter worked through couple cycles until there was no more carbon particles in the water. Then, I presented to Xena. She approached the bowl cautiously then gave it a good sniff test then drank the water. It must not have weird odor or taste.

When it’s not used regularly, dust settles on the water as expected. I just clean it with warm soapy water.

Filtered water is cool to the touch as advertised.

I find 1 liter is perfect for Xena (34 lbs). It will work for small dogs or cats as well.

Even though it is portable and you can take it anywhere in theory, it’s not ideal for day hikes or backpacking due to its size and weight. However, it would be good for car camping, road trips or any other outdoor activities where your pack weight and space are not a concern.

Quality – 5/5

It’s well made with quality materials and it feels solid. The instructions are easy to follow and informative. It come with 12 month warranty.


Heyrex Pet Water Bowl is well designed and well made. Being able to store water up to 1L is great when I can’t be home to make sure Xena has fresh water. Not using the battery or electricity makes this bowl portable. However, due to its fixed size and weight, I don’t recommend it for day hikes or backpacking. It would be great for home/office, road trips, car camping and any other outdoor activities where your pack weight and space are not a concern.

Stay Hydrated! 💦

Whatever Wednesday: Interview with DogSync

Happy Whatever Wednesday, everyone!

I have an exciting news to share! Recently, my blog was mentioned by an up and coming Canadian startup company called DogSync. Here is a link to the Dog Blogs article where my blog was mentioned.

And it didn’t end there. DogSync wanted to do an interview with me if I was interested.


Who? Me?

Are you kidding? Yes, absolutely! So we did a virtual interview and I had so much fun doing it. I’d like to share it with our readers. Here is HIKING WITH A DOG: AN INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE AND XENA. Hope you enjoy.

Now, here is a little bit about DogSync:

Officially launched on September 14th 2015, DogSync is an application currently available for iPhones. Our aim is to ease the communication process for dog owners by offering a simple alternative to families with busy schedules. Users can also ask other members of the group to complete tasks, set reminders, and many other useful and fun additions that can ease a dog owners day to day life.

“DogSync Using Software to Improve Lives of Dog Owners and Their Canine Companions”

DogSync featured in roundup of International Startup Festival as 1 of 3 “Local startups to watch”

DogSync featured in “7 startups to watch from International Startup Festival 2014”