Hi there, I am Jamie! I’ve been hiking with my fur baby, Xena for years and sharing our adventures with the world to inspire others like us since 2014. Since you found our page, you must love dogs, the outdoors, and adventures as much as we do.

Did you know that not all trails are dog-friendly? It came as a shock to me when I started hiking with Xena.

Our beautiful national parks and state parks don’t allow dogs on the trails. You can visit the parks with your pet but you can’t hike into the park with them. Generally, national forests and national monuments do allow dogs on the trails, so naturally, they are our usual go-to destinations.

Let this be your main source for dog-friendly adventure search for Southern California and beyond.

Regardless of where you go, hiking with a dog requires more preparation. First, you need to research if your pup is allowed. I’ve been creating comprehensive trail guides with trail stats after each new hike to prepare you. Unless noted, you can be sure that all trail write-ups on this website are dog-friendly.

You can search trails using the search feature on the top menu and enter keywords. A keyword can be a name of a trail, hike, location, special feature like a waterfall, etc.

In addition to detailed trail write-ups, you can also find a library of hiking and camping gear reviews that we’ve tried. You can search the gear reviews using the search feature on the top menu using keywords.

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If you are new to hiking with a dog, Essential Gear for Hiking with Dog will help you get started with essential gear. Start with a short distance and build your and your pup’s cardio endurance before tackling more challenging hikes.

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