Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake

Lake Sabrina To Blue Lake


When we arrived in the Eastern Sierra at the end of September, I thought it was probably too early for the fall colors. Little did I know Lake Sabrina near Bishop, CA had a wonderful surprise waiting for me.

First, we stopped at Looney Beans in town for breakfast. I like this little coffee shop and we always make a stop here when we are in town. Their outdoor seating is dog-friendly so it’s a good place to enjoy a meal with Xena. My avocado toast was delicious!

Next, we drove 19 miles to the Sabrina Lake Trailhead in the Inyo National Forest. After passing the Sabrina Campground, look for the trailhead on the left. These information boards are somewhat obscured from Lake Sabrina Road. You can park along the road or in the day-use parking lot not too far from the trailhead.


I could already see the golden leaves ahead from the trailhead. I was elated with joy!


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In the first mile, you hike along the Sabrina Lake and the trail is pretty flat. It’s an easy hike with a beautiful view of the lake. That’s where most of the fall colors were when we visited. The trail is wide enough for two people in the beginning then it soon tapers off.

That is until we made it to the Inyo National Forest sign about a mile into the hike. She got up next to the sign on her own and posed. So I got the hint and took this photo. She cracks me up!!

Lake Sabrina to Blue Lake

Off we go to Blue Lake.

After the first mile, the trail starts to gain elevation and veer off to the south towards Blue Lake. At the 1.2-mile marker, there is a sign for George Lake. If I remember correctly, this was the only sign on the trail but no worries. Sabrina Basin Trail is well-maintained and easy to follow.


The trail started to get rocky and rugged after the waterfall.


The view of Lake Sabrina on the way to Blue Lake


After 2.7 miles of climbing, we reached Blue Lake. The only place that was a bit confusing for me was right here. I made my pack hop on the rocks here to get over to the main part of the lake but I recommend you get on the boulder on the right side and go toward the lake instead. You will eventually find a trail there. I only saw it when we were on the way back out.


Welcome to Blue Lake! I can’t get enough of the raw beauty of alpine lakes.


Xena agrees.


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Good to Know:

  • Hike Date:  9.27.2019
  • Distance:  6 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain:  1,380 ft.
  • Maximum Altitude:  10,410 ft.
  • Difficulty Level:  Challenging
  • Trailhead: Sabrina Lake Trailhead
  • Fee/Permit: None for a day hike; Permit is required for overnight camping
  • Notable:  No toilet, lakes, wildflowers, stream crossing, partly shady, rock climbing, backpacking

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Happy Hiking!

8 comments on “Lake Sabrina To Blue Lake”

  1. Ahhh, the John Muir Wilerness and INYO NF… I have many wonderful memories out there… Hoover Wilderness hikes, Yosemite, Bodie, Lee Vining and June Lake, Bishop, Kings Canyon, Kings River, Woods Creek, Ray Lakes and Glen Pass, Kearsarge Pass… it’s been tooo long!

      1. Hard to say, there’s just so much beautiful country out that way… as you’ve documented so well hundreds of times in your blog… GREAT JOB! I guess one of my best, maybe a favorite, was the Ray Lakes Loop in Kings Canyon… we did it over five days, and spent a coupe days before we started, just acclimating to some altitude (ie Glenn Pass).
        When I head west from the flatlands of MN, I often go through WY/ID/UT/NM and spend a few nights above 10,000′ prepping for the Sierras, etc.
        One of my kids’ family just moved out to WA so I’m looking forward to more time along the coast WA/OR/CA and western MT areas.
        [just a heads up, my blog will be disappearing in a few weeks… time for something new! ;-)]

      2. Thanks, Mike!! I know… it’s hard to pick just one! Something new?!! Please keep me in the loop! 😃 I would love to explore WA/OR!!

  2. Beautiful photos! I would like to come here with my dog in early June. Would you happen to know how common mosquitoes and ticks are if we stay on the trail?

    1. Thank you, Justine! Mosquitoes weren’t bad until July in my experience. My guess is, the same goes true for ticks. But, I don’t know for sure. There still might be some snow left at the top in early June. Hope you get to see it.

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