Summer in a Bowl


It cannot get any more summer in a bowl than this. Let me introduce my old time favorite summer eating since childhood. Korean style shaved ice. It’s called potbingsoo (pot-bing-soo) which translates to “red bean shaved ice”. Traditional potbingsoo is always topped with cauldron-cooked red beans and has mochi (sticky rice cake). The ones I used to have as a child also had fresh fruit and gummy candies.

These days, one bowl is usually big enough that two people can share one. But like I said it’s my old time favorite and I don’t share my Korean shaved ice. 😋 Truth to be told.

Here is a potbingsoo from the Korean health spa I frequent. It has shaved ice, watermelon, honeydew melon, strawberries, banana, red bean and mochi.

It’s good but I recently visited Okumong where potbingsoon is their main item. I discovered a new world of potbingsoo. Here is OG Snow Bowl with Red Bean. I couldn’t try it because it has milk but my friend with sweet tooth loved it. Red bean is also inside.

This one is Green Snow Bowl with Red Bean. It’s a green tea shaved ice and it was good.

I saved the best for last. BLACK SNOW BOWL WITH RED BEAN. Yes, this one needs all CAPS. It’s that good!! It’s a black sesame shaved ice. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for next two days.

What is your favorite summer food?

4 comments on “Summer in a Bowl”

  1. Oh wow, I’d never heard of potbingsoo before. Looks amazing. I will be looking for Korean food eateries in Australia to see if they offer them on the menu! 🙂

  2. Ice and beans is definitely a combination I have never tried before. I’ll have to try it if I come across it now that I know about it:)

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