Hiking With Dog

#TrailTip Tuesday: Sappy Paws


It happens when you hike among the trees. It can be extremely uncomfortable if tree sap gets on your dog’s fur between the toes. The sap picks up all the tiny debris it touches and glues everything together between the toes. Here you can see two of Xena’s toes are stuck together.

Remove sap from dog's paw

Small debris gets wedged in between the toes and irritates the skin around it every time your dog takes a step. The sap doesn’t wear off as time goes by.

So how do you remove sap from your dog’s paw?

Oil dissolves sticky tree sap. I use olive oil spray but you can also use coconut oil or even peanut butter. When I use coconut oil or peanut butter, Xena wants to lick them constantly while I work on her paws but when I use olive oil, she stays relaxed. So that’s my go-to solution.

You will have to take time and gently massage the paw. Get in there and massage between the toes until all the debris is free from the strong grip of the sap. Once everything is loosened up, wash the paw with dog-friendly shampoo and rinse thoroughly in water. Problem solved!

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Happy Hiking!

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