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5 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in Malibu

Malibu has been our favorite place to explore during summer since I started hiking with Xena. There are several dog-friendly trails that range from 3 to 6+ mile long. You can easily finish them in 2-3 hours with breaks. Although these trails are open all year around, I like them especially in summer due to

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Solstice Canyon: Summer Favorite

Though last week’s heat wave made it feel like the summer was not over yet, this is the last trail write-up for the summer hikes we did this year. Last year, I wrote 3 mile loop hike in Solstice Canyon. This time we will show you a new and longer route in the canyon which is my absolute

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Charmlee Wilderness in Malibu

The entrance to the park is clearly marked with a sign on Encinal Canyon Rd. Drive on Carmichael Rd until you see the parking on your right. Get an envelope from the stand (photo below), fill out your vehicle information, put the money ($4/car) in the envelope and insert it in the slot.  Now you are ready to

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