Hiking With Dog

#TrailTip Tuesday: Can You Go Barefoot?


Some hikes start from a paved surface. For a popular hike, you may have to find parking away from the trail and walk on the asphalt to get to the trailhead. Just remember, if it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot, it’s too hot for your dog’s paw pads too.


Pad burns can lead to blistering, tissue loss, and extreme pain. The air may not feel too hot with a breeze but rocks on the trail and sand at the beach can get hot enough to burn their paw pads too. The surface might not be hot in the morning when you begin the hike but how about at the end of the hike? Do you have to walk on a hot surface to get back to your car? These are all things you should consider. Some signs of pad burns include limping, licking the paw, a discolored pad, or bleeding.

For paw protection, try boots or paw wax. They are easy to find and affordable.

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Happy Hiking!






4 comments on “#TrailTip Tuesday: Can You Go Barefoot?”

  1. Hihi those booties & that scarf ❤
    You are absolutely right, all too often people don’t take their dogs into consideration when hiking… Good reminder!

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