Sisterly Birthday Celebration


July is my favorite month since I was a kid! I can’t believe how fast the month went by. Time flies when you are having fun. Right?! 🙂 My sister’s birthday is the day before mine. When we were kids, mom used to throw us one party. It was economical. As kids, we weren’t thrilled about having the combo party. Thinking back, not all kids were able to have birthday parties when I was a child in Korea so I realize as an adult that it was sweet of our mom.

Now as grown-ups, my sister and I still celebrate our birthdays together. If time allows, we try to make a quick getaway. Just two of us. We cherish our time together and have fun celebrating two days in a row. It’s funny how our views change as we get older. This year, we celebrated our birthdays in Santa Barbara.

On the eve of Hazel’s birthday, we hiked up to Inspiration Point to see the sunset. This dog-friendly, out and back trail is shared by hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikes. With a short distance of 3.6 miles, it can be done in an hour if you are in a workout mode. Even though the limited street parking may be a challenge on weekends but on a weekday evening, we easily found a spot. We started around 6:30 pm. The trail was mostly in the shade by that time. That was a nice surprise because it was unusually hot for Santa Barbara.

Another hiker warned us about a snake on the top as we passed each other. When we reached Inspiration Point, it was nowhere to be found. Instead, we were greeted by a fantastic 180 degrees of ocean view!

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The next day, we celebrated Hazel’s birthday with wine tasting in Paso Robles. It is about 130 miles north of Santa Barbara. The scenic route 154 was a lovely drive. It was our first time in Paso Robles. What a lovely place! ♡ We decided to make Paso Robles an annual trip. We will probably stay in San Luis Obispo though.

Wine tasting in Justin.

Wine tasting in Daou
I love this picture of Hazel. It’s not easy to capture her natural smile in pictures. She was happy and I was able to capture the moment.

At night, Hazel kept talking to me in the bed in an effort to keep us stay up…as usual. I responded to her as usual, “Go to sleep! It’s my turn!” before turning off the light. We both laughed and soon we fell asleep. Hazel before me as usual.

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9 comments on “Sisterly Birthday Celebration”

  1. Happy belated birthday to you and your sister! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthdays. I am close to my brother, who is my only sibling and I always enjoy the rare times we get to spend together. 🙂

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