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Hello, Email Subscribers!ย 

I have good news for you guys!ย  Starting this fall, I am starting a quarterly newsletter just for our email subscribers! I have a library of hiking guides on my blog, but I know that not everyone is technically savvy to find what they are looking for.ย  If you’ve wished that someone would just give

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End of Hibernation

Hey guys, it’s us! You were probably wondering where we’ve been this month. Part planned and part unexpectedly, we were in hibernation this month, and I will tell you why shortly. In any case, the hibernation is over and we will be back with more adventure stories starting May. I can’t believe it’s only 4

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Whatever Wednesday: Angel

Dogs are angels without wings. It was too hot for hiking this month so I tried some street photography in the streets of L.A. It was so different than nature setting I normally take photos in. It was super challenging for me to ignore the pedestrians’ stares and the moving traffic while trying to get

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