Hello, Email Subscribers! 

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I have good news for you guys!  Starting this fall, I am starting a quarterly newsletter just for our email subscribers!

I have a library of hiking guides on my blog, but I know that not everyone is technically savvy to find what they are looking for.  If you’ve wished that someone would just give you a comprehensive list of dog-friendly trails to choose from, you will love our newsletter!

In addition to the dog-friendly trail list, I am going to include seasonal hiking/adventure trips. Hence the newsletter publication quarterly schedule. I might even include an exclusive promotion for Outdoor Dog Photography and dog photography tip or two. I haven’t decided on the newsletter template, but the ideas are flowing. I hope you guys are excited about this as I am!

If you are interested in the quarterly newsletter and you are not subscribing to our email list yet, you can sign up anytime from the home page. You will receive the newsletter next time it’s published.

Happy Hiking!



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