Whatever Wednesday: Is This You?

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Have you been secretly hating group hikes but are afraid to go solo? Yes, I am talking to you, fellow introvert.

You used to rely on your husband/boyfriend to make plans using online tools and tricks, find trails, control GPS, and tell you what to pack, and now that you are single, you are no longer enjoying the outdoors? What if you run into a rattlesnake or, worse, a crazy person, right?

Did you adopt a puppy during the Covid lockdown, and you are now ready to adventure with your new pup this year?

Are you tired of hiking the same trails?

Do you want to learn to track your path while hiking so you can always come back to your car?

Do you need advice on gear shopping for you and your pup?

Do you need help with planning for your first road trip with your dog?

Do you want to improve your pet photography skills?

Are you a new blogger and need help navigating the blogging space?

Can you relate to one or more of these?

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1 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Is This You?”

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