Guided Hikes FAQs

1.  What is a guided hike?

A guided hike has one or more leaders who guide a group to a destination and back to the starting point on foot. For our guided hikes, we limit the size so there will be one guide and a sidekick (Xena).

2.  Who is it for?

Our guided hikes are perfect for someone who already enjoys hiking, and one or more of the following statements is true:

  • I don’t know how to look for a hike.
  • I don’t want to put in the time and effort to research a hike and what to pack.
  • I don’t want to hike alone.
  • I just moved to L.A. and want to explore the SoCal trails.
  • I am afraid that I will get lost in the mountains.
  • I am looking for a unique team-building activity for my team.
3.  What types of guided hikes do you offer?
  1. One-On-One
    • Available to female hikers only
    • Great for solo hikers who want to try new hikes but don’t want to go alone
    • Available Hikes: Easy, Moderate, Challenging & Difficult
  2. Scheduled Mini-group
    • Great for solo hikers who want to try new hikes without a crowd.
    • Hikes are scheduled monthly.
    • Available Hikes: Moderate, Challenging, & Difficult
    • Group size:  3-5 people
  3. Private Group
    • Great for team building & makes a great gift for a hiker, explorer, nature lover, and the like
    • Available Hikes: Easy, Moderate, & Challenging
    • Group size: 2-8 people
4.  What types of hikes do you offer?

Total distance ranges between 3 – 10 miles with an elevation of gain of 200 – 3,160 feet.

Time Required ranges between approximately 2 – 7 hours. Note:  Total time depends on the total distance, the elevation gain, and the hiker’s pace.

Please review the recommended fitness level for each difficulty rating below and sign up for an appropriate hike for your safety. Remember, you are responsible for your safety.

Difficulty RatingFitness Level
ModeratePerform cardio exercises a few times a week
ChallengingIn good hiking condition; Hike or trail run regularly including hills
DifficultIn excellent hiking condition; Hike or trail run frequently including hills
5. Can I bring my dog?

Yes! Dogs are welcome on our hikes as long as your pup meets the following conditions for their safety and for others:

  1. Your dog is nine(9) months old or older
  2. Your dog is in good health and is fit to hike with you
  3. Your dog has passed obedience training and is friendly with other people and other dogs.

Just like people, dogs need to build endurance before taking on long and strenuous exercises. Puppies seem to have endless energy, but they don’t have the stamina to last the entire hike. More importantly, their development isn’t complete yet. For example, their paw pads haven’t fully developed calluses yet, so their paws are tender and at high risk for injury.

6.  Rates per person

Payment is required to reserve your spot on a guided hike. 

Hiking Duration1-1Scheduled GroupPrivate Group
1.5 to <5 hours$55/hr per hike$32.50/pp/hr
5+ hours$275 per hike$175/pp
Note:  Hiking Duration includes not only the moving time but also the resting time.
It will begin when we start the hike and stop when we are back to the cars.
7.  What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Zelle, Venmo, and Credit. 

8.  What is the cancellation policy?
  • 100% refundable if canceled 4 days before the event date.
  • If canceled within 4 days of the event date, the penalty will be 25% each day.
  • No show or cancellation on the event date will be non-refundable.
9. Will you tell me what to pack?

Yes! We will send you a checklist, and parking instructions after the payment is received.

10. Where do I find out when the next Group Hike is?

You can check out the schedule here.