Solstice Canyon: Summer Favorite

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Though last week’s heatwave made it feel like the summer was not over yet, this is the last trail write-up for the summer hikes we did this year. Last year, I wrote a 3-mile loop hike in Solstice Canyon. This time we will show you a new and longer route in the canyon which is my absolute summer favorite!

In August, an automated gate was installed and now it opens at 7 am automatically. You no longer have to wait for a ranger to show up and open the gate to the parking lot. I think the best way to do the Solstice Canyon is to take the side trails every chance you get. Eventually, they all come back out to the Solstice Canyon trail which is mostly paved.


This trail has lots of history. There are ruins to explore along the way. The Keller House in the picture below is fenced and you cannot walk through it


but Tropical Terrace (a.k.a., Roberts Home) isn’t and you can walk around. We spent some time at Tropical Terrace and explored.


Pictures are collected from multiple hikes from this summer. In case you are wondering about different clothes and gear. 🙂 After exploring the ruins, we traced back to meet up with the Sosmoto trail. There is a sign on your right immediately after the ruins. Take the single track uphill.


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More ruins on Sosmoto Trail.


When you see this sign, go left and stay on Sostomo Trail. Initially, it is downhill but you will eventually climb up and will have an ocean view.


You are where the green marker is in the map below. Turn right and do the Deep Valley Loop Trail to meet up with Sostomo Trail and get back down to Solstice Canyon Trail.


When you reach Solstice Canyon Trail, turn right and return back to the trailhead.

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date:  July-August of 2016
  • Distance:  6.3 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain:  1,391 ft.
  • Trailhead:  34.037814, -118.747579 (copy/paste to your GPS app)
  • Difficulty Level:  Moderate – Challenging
  • Free parking
  • Vault toilets available near the trailhead
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Happy Hiking!

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