Pack Hike to Bridge To Nowhere


A couple of weeks ago we went on a group hike and celebrated our friend Robin’s gotcha day. 8 humans and 8 pups in all sizes, shapes, and colors hiked to Bridge To Nowhere in San Gabriel Mountains. All pups got along so well! I couldn’t ask for a better group to hike with.

The creek level was lower than May and it made it easier to cross this time. Logs and rocks were placed to create a path since our last visit which made it easier too. All in all, I enjoyed it more this time.

Here are some photos from the pack hike.




The below picture cracks me up. Look how blur Xena is. T-R-E-A-T-S!!!!! She acts as if I don’t feed her at home.


It’s all business when a treat bag is out.


When everyone wants your toy and you don’t want to run with them to fetch. Even if it’s her favorite toy, if another dog (regardless of its size) chases after it, she stops instantly and gives up. Every time. I worked on building her confidence in many situations but still in this area, it remains that way. Some say that it happens to dogs who were the smallest in their litter and got pushed around by the bigger littermates in the early development stage. Then it sticks with them through adulthood. Xena was the smallest (or the 2nd smallest) from the litter (of 9 puppies).  So then is it true? I wish I could help her to be more assertive during playtime.

Happy Gotcha Day Robin but I don’t want you to take my toy.

Must have a group photo, right? We had to take a group photo twice because, after the first one, we realized one dog was missing. Are you serious?! Believe or not, the second time it was easier. I think they stayed like this for good 20 seconds so all humans were able to capture the group photo this time. It felt like a long time. 🙂 If you are wondering, all pups are watching their humans. Aren’t they precious? We enjoyed meeting other hiking pups in SoCal. I hope to meet them again on another pack hike!


Good to Know:

  • Hike date:  9.24.16
  • Distance:  10 miles RT
  • Trailhead:  34.236981, -117.765305 (copy/paste to your GPS app)
  • Elevation Gain:  1,422 ft (starts at 2,236 feet)
  • Porta-potty at the trailhead and Heaton Flat Trailhead
  • Permit/Fee:  Southern California Forest Adventure Pass required for parking ($5/day or $30/annual)
  • Notables:  stream crossing, arch bridge, bungee jumping (optional) and possible wildlife sighting

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Happy Hiking!


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