Mesa Peak Trail in Corral Canyon


Mesa Peak Trail is also known as Mesa Peak Motorway. From Pacific Coast Highway, take Corral Canyon Road. Stay on Corral Canyon Road for about 5 miles or so. It eventually changes to Castro Peak Motorway and leads you into Malibu Creek State Park. There is a sign letting you know that you are now entering into the state park property. The parking lot is less than 0.1 miles from that point and parking is free.

The first mile is the most interesting part of the hike. Colorful boulders, rock climbing, some scrambling, and amazing views.

Since I saw pictures from here, I’ve been wanting to see the rings of rocks myself. About 0.75 miles into the hike, Hazel yelled, “Your Rocks!!”. We reached Corral Canyon Cave and the rings of rocks in front of it. I was not disappointed. 🙂


Can you find a heart in this picture?


Good to Know:

  • Hike date:  9.12.15
  • Dog-friendly:  Sadly no
  • Trailhead:  34.082002, -118.758373
  • Distance:  There is no really good turnaround point. Little after 3 miles, we just turned around and traced back to the trailhead
  • Kid-friendly:  Yes

Happy Hiking!

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