Whatever Wednesday: Wish List


What do you do if you are ready for the fall but the temperature is still in mid 80s in middle of September?

You live through others who has that! 🙂  I’ve been enjoying the fall through other hikers located in cooler regions all over the world by following their lovely blogs and Instagram posts. They motivate and inspire me. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

I also started my own hiking wish list for this fall/winter. I already have 8 dog friendly trails on the list and I just got started. I’ve started planning a few overnight trips for the trails too far to make it a day trip. Road trips ahead! Woohoo!!

Here is a sneak preview of my list so far:

  1. Jones Peak via Bailey Canyon
  2. Vital Link Trail in Wildwood Canyon
  3. San Mateo Canyon
  4. Calabasas Peak
  5. Cougar Crest Trail (Big Bear Lake, here we come!)

I am ready for the season change and excited for the new adventures ahead! I hope you are too!

For now, here are some photos I took from my solo hike this month. I went hiking last two weekends without Xena. When I go without her, I feel guilty. But her safety has to come first so I swallow the guilt. I saw some exhausted dogs out on trails and made me worry. Heatstroke is pretty common in dogs. They can’t sweat like we do.

Rolling hills of Portuguese Bend Reserve in Palos Verdes
Rolling hills of Portuguese Bend Reserve in Palos Verdes
Rim Trail in Portuguese Bend is good for my acrophobia. I keep challenging myself here because I don’t want my phobia to get worse.
I hope you can see the loose soil narrow trail. It continues along the rock wall and has a steep drop.

I know it’s not the same without Xena.. Hopefully in couple weeks she can join me. Until then, for Xena’s fans out there, here is a picture of her playing at Malaga Cove.


More pictures on Instagram. Follow us!

XoXo ♥

5 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Wish List”

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love your dog. I had one like that when I was a child. Her name was Cindy. Looking forward to your new adventures with the new season. 🙂

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