Whatever Wednesday: Collage


I didn’t look for them but after I started blogging about my little outdoor adventures, I kept running in to heart-shaped rocks and stones in my paths. The first one was on the Jesusita trail in Santa Barbara. How can I forget. I was heartbroken during that time so I saw it as a sign from the mother nature telling me that I am loved and everything will be ok. I found it comforting.♡

After that, I saw another one then another one on different trails. I loved it each time. I took pictures of them and shared with you guys but left them where they were (I wouldn’t be able to move some of them anyway) so they could be enjoyed by others as well. Recently, when I was going through my picture gallery (which I love to do), I realized I had a little collection now.

Here is a collage of my heart-shaped rocks. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

XoXo ♥

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