Whatever Wednesday: Operation


I turned around expecting to see her where she was sitting and watching me moments ago. Apparently, while I was taking photos at the summit, Xena joined a new pack of humans. While her survival instinct was unmistakably strong, her loyalty was questionable. 


It looked as though she had her eyes on me the whole time while she was betraying me because I caught her intense gaze when my eyes found her again. Ok, she probably was letting them think she was with them in case they have good treats. That’s what I am going to believe anyway.

Not sure how but this girl cracked one of her chewing teeth. Of course, I found this out the day before my 9-day trip to Kauai. It was really difficult to leave her.  She’s been on antibiotics and a pain med since then and had some issues with the pain med. She handled it like a trooper though. We dropped her off with her blanket early this morning at the vet for a dental operation to extract the cracked tooth. I think it’s just one tooth but we don’t know until the vet takes a closer look. She will be sedated during the procedure. I really didn’t like signing the paper agreeing that I understand the risk associated with the anesthesia. To say I am nervous about her being sedated is an understatement but I am trying to keep positive and send out good vibes only.💞 Hopefully soon, we can play fetch again.


 💚 Pawsitive Vibes 💚

8 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Operation”

    1. Thanks, Mike! She is out of the surgery and resting at the vet. They found another fractured tooth so they had to remove that one too. Soft treats only going forward for this girl!

    1. Yes, I feel lucky to share my adventures with her. She is the best trail buddy. Two fractured teeth were removed today. We are hoping for a speedy recovery. ♡

  1. aww poor girl! Joey chipped her tooth on one of those really hard bones w/ the peanut butter in the middle so I don’t give her those anymore even though she LOVED them. She didn’t have to have it removed because it was just a small piece that came off and it doesn’t seem to bother her.

    1. That’s good. Joey was lucky! The fracture on Xena’s tooth went up all the way to the gum. Ouch. I think it happened with bully sticks. I am not giving her those any more even though she loves them.

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