SunGod Polarized Sunglasses

Review: SunGod Polarized Sunglasses


Sunglasses are essential for outdoor activities. Especially if you spend an extended period of time outdoors, you must protect your eyes. I’ve had my current pair of polarized Ray-Ban aviators for a few years now. I love its lightweight and the polarized lens but the frame is fragile and I tend to drop them at least once on a hike. The lenses get scratches all the time. I do my best not to drop them of course but they always manage to slip out from the shirt and dive for the ground. I have to have the blue tint coating reapplied every year. I have an eyeglass strap but I don’t like using them because it gets tangled with my floppy hat strap, my ponytail, or backpack straps. Too many straps!!

When SunGod contacted me for an adventure-proof sunglasses testing opportunity, I agreed with excitement. I thought I would make a great tester. SunGod designs their sunglasses for a unisex and universal fit. Oh, yea? I have a typical Asian low bridge nose. Most of the eyeglasses on the market do not fit me. And let’s not forget, I would most likely drop them too.

I tried out two custom SunGod sunglasses. Hover over the photos below for their model name.


Product Specs

  • 4KO™ lenses are engineered from an infused 2mm Polycarbonate Core
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Retail Price: $95 U.S.
  • Designed and engineered in U.K.
 Custom SierrasCustom Renegades
LensPolarised 4K Optics RosePolarised 4K Optics Blue
FrameMatte TortoiseMatte Black
Lens Width53mm / 2.1 in57mm / 2.24 in
Bridge19mm / 0.75 in18mm / 0.7 in
Arm/Temple Length139mm / 5.5 in138mm / 5.4 in
Weight25g / 0.9 oz29g / 1.02 oz
HingeScrewless HingeSteel Pin Hinges
Interchangeable Lenses5 refined lens tints available6 refined lens tints available

Design – 5/5

From the SunGod website:

  • Precise optical clarity
  • Triple-layer scratch resistance
  • Anti-reflective inner lens coating
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Adventureproof flexible frame material is durable, high-tensile and lightweight for ultimate impact protection and all-day comfort
  • Lenses and frames are tested under the most extreme conditions to ensure unrivaled protection from high-mass and high-velocity impacts, exceeding EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (CE) and ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards
  • Matte-textured frames stay in place when wet and cool on your face in hot conditions, without getting sticky or sweaty
  • Designed for a unisex and universal fit

Now, my observations:

All SunGod sunglasses are custom made. You get to choose the frame color, lens type, lens color, and the color of the SunGod logo on the side of the frame.

These sunglasses weigh just about 1 oz. They are extremely light yet feel sturdy.

The lenses provide optical clarity and the material seems durable.

The polarized lenses performed as expected. I’ve always preferred polarized lenses over regular lenses for clarity. But I recently found out not everyone likes this type of lens. If you do a lot of reading on your phone outside, polarized lenses are not best for that use. You can choose the lens type you desire when you order. Polarized lenses cost more.

Fit and Fashion – 3/5

Both Sierras and Renegades are comfortable to wear all day long.

I was pleasantly shocked that Sierras fit me perfectly. It’s almost impossible to find me a pair of eyeglasses that fit me right off the shelf. Rose lens with Tortoise frame is stylish and feminine. It is fashionable to wear daily, not just for adventures.

Unfortunately, Renegades™ do not have a custom fit for me. It’s loose on my nose and the frame sits on my cheeks. It’s a typical issue I run into with eyeglasses made for a higher bridge nose. On the other hand, Renegades™ fit Steve very well. So he gave them a try.


It would be challenging to achieve a universal fit when people from different parts of the world have different facial structures. Oakley has a special line called Asia Fit. The line is for people with a low bridge nose. SunGod came close to having a universal fit but not quite. I wouldn’t recommend the current version of Renegades if you have a low bridge nose.

Function – 4/5

The sunglasses came right in time for my Hawaii trip so I got to try them out in a tropical climate where it was hot and humid and showered in the afternoon every day. We tried them on bright sunny days as well as on cloudy days. The matte-textured frames stayed in place as advertised. Sierras stay in place even during my 5-mile run. I was pretty impressed.

Both sunglasses came with a 100% microfiber cleaning & storage pouch and a care guide. The dual-purpose pouch was great for cleaning the sunglasses after spending time at the beach as well as to wipe off the raindrops.

With the polarized 4K Optics, you get the optical clarity as one would expect from a polarized lens. Think of a polarized filter for your camera. It brings the clarity to the photo by reducing the haziness created by mist or glare from the sunlight. Polarized lenses are great for seeing into the distance with clarity.

On a sunny day, occasionally I noticed some minor inner lens glare or stray light. I can’t clearly tell if those are glare or stray light because they are below my main vision area or in the corners. They do not affect my sight. My Ray-Ban is the same way so I don’t think it’s a SunGod issue. Maybe it’s the side effect of the polarized lens?

The big lenses provide large coverage for the delicate eye area providing more sun protection.

I really like the neutral base 4K Optics Rose lens. I feel like I am not wearing sunglasses because the color perception is so natural. And with 4K Optics Blue lens, you get more contrast and depth perception.

Quality and Durability – 5/5

My Sierras slipped out of my shirt and landed on rocks. When they landed on the rocks, I barely heard them hitting the rocks. The super light sunglasses did not even have a small scratch on them. Ha! The frames feel solid and I expect them to be durable. The matte-textured finish will also help with hiding the blemishes if any. It’s not going to be easy to break the frame.

Overall – 4.3/5

SunGod Sierras and Renegades are sturdy and well-made for adventurers. These extremely lightweight sunglasses are comfortable for all-day activity. All SunGod sunglasses are made for both genders. Just choose a frame that compliments the shape of your face the best. I wouldn’t recommend Renegades though if you have a low bridge nose. At an affordable price, SunGod sunglasses are definitely a great option for the outdoor enthusiasts. 

Check out my online designer for yourself here to design your own Sierra or here to design your own Renegades!

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Happy Hiking!

4 comments on “Review: SunGod Polarized Sunglasses”

  1. Awesome review on the glasses! I am glad my sunglasses aren’t the only ones that nose dive every time I am out and about. For some reason, they always tend to land in the perfect place where it blurs your site of vision.

    1. You can see what it would be like with each lens color option on their website. It’s a pretty cool feature, I thought. It definitely helped me choosing the right lens color.

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