Hike PCT to Eagle Rock


This is a hike we did during our glamping trip back in April near Warner Springs, CA.

Thanks to our host Laurie who was nice to draw me the map of the trailhead when she gave me a rundown of the place when we checked in the day before, it was super easy to find the parking and the trailhead. Parking is on a dirt turnout across from the fire station off route 79. The trail is behind the gate next to the fire station.

It was such a lovely day. But then again, I think every day on vacation is a lovely day. That’s why I need to take a vacation often.


This hike is via the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which runs 2,650 miles from the Mexican border near Campo, California (about 50 miles east of San Diego) to the Canadian border, near Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia (about 125 miles east of Vancouver).

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Most hikers start from Campo and hike to the north. We ran into many thru-hikers that day. Here is a couple we met on the trail who started their journey from Campo. They wanted to say hi to Xena, and I wanted to hear about their experience so far. We stopped and chatted a little bit. It’s so inspiring and admirable what they are doing.


They got a kick out of Xena carrying the GoPro for us. She helped me recording the hike. With or without the GoPro, she brings smiles to everyone we run into on trails. I just love that. I will leave the link below for the video of this hike.


The first two miles or so went through tall trees that created shade canopies, and we hiked next to a creek, which was refreshing. The trail is pretty flat, so up to this point, it was easy breezy.

Then we got out of the safety of the tall trees, and the last mile to the eagle rock was entirely exposed. Although it was mid-morning in early April, it was too warm for our liking. The heat is our enemy.


An occasional breeze kept us from getting overheated. The temperature wasn’t high. It was just the strong sun’s rays of Southern California. Stay on PCT. Not all signs are this nice on this trail. This one is near the eagle rock.


When we arrived at the eagle rock, I changed Xena into her Sun and Bug Blocker. I packed away other stuff and got up. At first, I couldn’t find her. Then I spotted her sitting next to the eagle. She is a pro. Ha! I laughed out so loud! Isn’t this an awesome rock, though?


When you are ready, go back the way you came. We were happy when we made back to the shaded part of the trail with the creek. We spent some time in the creek to cool down before we continued on.

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date:  4.10.17
  • Distance:  6.6 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain:  687 feet
  • Difficulty Rating:  Moderate
  • Trailhead:  33.273306, -116.645001 (copy/paste in to your GPS)
  • No bathroom, partly shaded
  • Video of this hike

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Happy Hiking!

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12 comments on “Hike PCT to Eagle Rock”

  1. I laughed when I saw her sitting next to the rock. She looks like a sheep. And you two look fabulous together. I’ve thought about putting a go pro on Piper too but haven’t gotten the courage…

    1. She does look like a sheep and the way she is sitting so politely… it was sooo funny when I found her there. Courage? What’s stopping you? Did you check the video from the hike? I loved seeing it from her perspective! Piper would be good at carrying it!

      1. The video is awesome. I’ve just always thought it would make me motion sick because Piper used to run/bound everywhere. But now that I think about it, she saunters more than bounds so I may give it a shot. What kind of harness do you use for Xena?

      2. I used our Ruffwear Webmaster. I got bad reviews from people who already have the GoPro harness. They all hated the fit. I got a Sametop backpack strap clip from Amazon then clipped it on the handle of the harness. Then just in case, I secured the GoPro with a tether so it didn’t fly out if she decided to chase after a squirrel or something.😜

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