Dog Gear Review: Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker


Xena’s biggest enemy is the heat. We love the sunny Southern California weather but that heat can get brutal on Xena. Her black fur absorbs that heat and retains it for a very long time. Even in the low 60s, without shade, Xena gets too hot and she looks for shades. So it’s my responsibility to make sure she doesn’t get overheated when we hike.

A couple months ago we received a sample of Sun & Bug Blocker from Hurtta North America for trail testing. They wanted to see how it does on a black dog. Our long-time followers already know that we can’t live without Ruffwear Swamp Cooler. I am always interested in trying out cooling gear for Xena. We were happy to put it to the test right away.


Product Specs

  • Size:  12S – 24M (click here to see how to measure correctly)
  • Color:  Beige
  • Retail price:  $55
  • Full suit (no zippers or straps)

Design – 4.5/5

Here is the material information directly from the Hurtta website:

Archroma Sanitized®

  • Permethrin-based durable and safe protection for dogs.
  • Keeps mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies from landing; reduces stings and bites
  • Accepted by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I-IV.
  • The finishing retains efficiency even after a hundred washes.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Treated with Archroma Rayosan® which provides UPF 40+

Now, my observations:

  • Easy to pack compactly (a carrying pouch included) and store in my pack without any additional weight
  • Extremely light, soft, breathable, and smooth. Once Xena had it on, she had more energy and was noticeably feeling more comfortable in the sun.
  • There are 3 drawstrings for adjustable fitting:  one on the back, the second one at the base of the neck, and the last one on the hoody.
  • Easier to dress than undress
  • Comfortable to wear

Function – 4.5/5

Archroma Sanitized® material is very light and breathable. I love the loose hoody design. It covers her entire head! She didn’t mind at all when I pulled it all the way up to protect her from the sun. I think she liked getting the sun blocked. She was not even fazed a little bit. She happily kept on hiking.

It was easier to dress than undress. It fits snugly in the chest so it was a bit of effort to pull her first front leg out. It’s not hard but it’s not easy. She didn’t run away from me when I tried to put it on her again after the first time so I know she didn’t hate it. This probably isn’t an issue for a pup with a narrow chest.

We tested the suit in Warner Springs, CA during a weekend trip. Surprisingly there were many mosquitoes. Huge mosquitoes! I assumed probably many ticks were there too considering the number of tall grasses along the trails. She didn’t get one bite nor I noticed any of them landing on her. Insect/bug test passed by us.

She had no problem going potty in this. That’s always a good thing. 😉


Quality – 5/5

It’s made with high-quality material and the stitching is flawless as I would expect from Hurtta products. I wash it in a front-load washing machine in a gentle cycle and air-dry it. The suit comes out of the washer like new and it’s easy to care for. 

Fashion and Fit – 4/5

To get the right size, you need to measure the neck, chest, and back length. Xena’s wearing the size 18M and it fits perfectly. We didn’t need it but if you need to adjust the fitting, there are 3 drawstrings:  one on the back, the second one at the base of the neck, and the last one on the hoody.

Xena seemed to be comfortable in the suit too. I didn’t notice any chafing and her movement wasn’t restricted in any way

Now, let’s talk about fashion. I have a few nicknames for it. Mummy suit, space suit, and beekeeper suit, to name a few. I think all doggie full suits are funny when it’s on. I find it entertaining. Haha. But this isn’t about looking fashionable but protecting your pup from the sun and the nasty annoying bugs and insects so it has to cover most parts of the body.


Overall – 4.5/5

Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker is a high-quality performance full suit that is light and airy to keep the dog cool yet protected from the sun’s harmful rays and annoying (and could be dangerous) bugs such as mosquitoes, ticks, and horseflies. It is suitable for all fur types but I think it looks better on dogs with shorter fur. It’s great for dogs who get overheated easily due to their dark fur or dogs without hair who need extra protection. Skin cancer is very common in dogs. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it’s something to think about as well.


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Happy Hiking!

9 comments on “Dog Gear Review: Hurtta Sun & Bug Blocker”

  1. Thanks so much for this review and the pics that really show how this fits! I just bought the Hurtta Cooling Vest for my big black pup, and we’ll see how well he does in this heat wave. I was thinking of layering the cooling vest on top of this but now I see that probably won’t work. In your opinion and experience, which will be more effective at keeping a dog cool in the sun on a walk – the Ruffwear Swamp Vest or The Hurta Sun and Bug Blocker? Thanks so much!

    1. Interesting question… For the sun protection, I’ve always used the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler. Not because it’s better but because it’s easier to put on than a full body suit. Also, it seems as long as her head and the back of her neck and back are covered, Xena seems to be safe from overheating so I never felt the need to cover her whole body up. For bug protection, Hurtta Sun and Bug Blocker was great. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks so much! Yes, that helps a lot. So I got the Swamp Cooler for Kirby and I think I’ll return the Hurtta vest. Do you also use something to cover Xena’s head and neck when she has the Swamp Cooler on?

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