Two City Girls Go Glamping


We just got back from our first camping trip!! I wasn’t sure if we two city girls can handle the sleeping in the tent thing so this trip was for just one night. And we had a blast! But before I share our first camping trip, I need to share our glamping trip. Some of you might be wondering what is glamping? Well, according to the Oxford dictionary, glamping is:

A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Back in April, we tried this glamping thing near Warner Springs, CA. It was a warm-up for our first camping trip. I figured if we hated glamping, camping was out of the question. I found this place on I liked the idea of tent-cabin so I booked for two nights. Somewhere between tent and cabin. Sure, that sounds safe to try. 

The place was very cool and had a great view! There were no other campsites around us as it was at the border of the Cleveland National Forest. The host’s house was down the dirt road and we were alone in the woods. It was relaxing and peaceful.




Do you eat or do you dine?


Daytime was great! Nighttime was definitely out of our comfort zone though. Oh boy, so much for a relaxing getaway. 😅 We maybe had 2 hours of sleep on the first night. It was cold and I couldn’t get comfortable but it was mostly due to unfamiliar noises from the wildlife visitors throughout the night. Who was at the top of the tent? And who came to the deck at 2 am and scratched the outside of the tent? We could hear the nails as it moved. The grill screeched against the wood floor as the animal moved around. I imagined this would be what would be like to do primitive camping. Animals come to your campsite middle of the night for food. BUT WE WERE GLAMPING! Xena and I stayed still in the bed in fear. Every part of my body was alert. I watched Xena for a cue but I could see that she was watching me for a cue. Are we in danger? Do you know?  At that moment, it was clear neither of us was brave enough to look out to check out the situation.

Shouldn’t you go out and check on the noises or something?

When the morning finally came, we were a bit tired but felt better that we had the warmth from the sun and were alone again. After breakfast, we went into Warner Springs for hiking. I will save that for another post. Daytime was great again.




In the evening though, we had a mouse fiasco in the tent while we were lounging. I drove Xena and the mouse into a full panic attack with my screams. I had to force myself to stop screaming because Xena started to shake from the stress. Once I stopped screaming, the mouse found its way out of the tent. It couldn’t wait to get out. Haha. I left the deck light on this time and hoped no creatures visited us at night so we can get some rest. It worked.

“Mo” the lizard. This dude came in every morning when I opened the tent and pooped on this rug. I didn’t realize glamping requires lizard poop scooping.

After cleaning after Mo’s poo, we went for a little hike near the campsite before we headed home. Never hiked on a private trail before. Very cool! Even though I was tired from not sleeping well for two nights, I wasn’t discouraged about camping. A camping tent is totally sealed and nothing can come in once it’s zipped up. We should be able to sleep better as long as I managed the cold temperature.

Needless to say, Xena and I slept like a baby in our own bed that night. Once the shock from the wildlife visits was lifted, I was ready for a real camping trip. In fact, I am actually glad about the experience we had on this trip because it prepared us for our first car camping trip. It made the car camping felt like a breeze!

Never Stop Exploring!

34 comments on “Two City Girls Go Glamping”

  1. Great story! Camping is always a little scary when you have “visitors” scratching and sniffing around the tent. We had a similar experience in San Diego county!

  2. Pretty fancy digs for that glamping trip, but not much preparation for a camping trip me thinks. I anxiously await hearing about the car camping trip! 😉 I’ll be car camping with a grandson soon -we can compare notes.

  3. I never knew there were places that would let you glamp with dogs! That looks like a ton of fun! And is Xena in something like a sleeping bag? What a great post.

    1. Thank you! There are many different locations and options but mostly on the west coast though. Yes, Xena the princess has her own sleeping bag. Not surprising, right? 😉

      1. I am SO going to check that out! I have never seen dog sleeping bags before. It might keep Leo from trying to get into mine if he had one of his own.

  4. I love how you blog with your dog, it’s so adorable! I definitely know what it’s like to run on no sleep. It’s always terrible when you wake up feeling more tired than when you went to bed the night before 🙄 but we keep on camping! Maybe that makes us crazy 😆

    1. Thank you. 🙂 My life revolves around her and hiking so it only makes sense to combine both. To my surprise, we slept really well when we went on our first tent camping! Haha, go figure. Well, crazy about outdoors, yes!!

  5. Sounds so much of fun and yeah it does get scary in the night when you can hear some kind of movement around your tent. Best thing is to wake up with fabulous views ! Great post. I enjoyed it !

  6. it sure is disconcerting to hear those critters moving around at night …. but scooping lizard poo is way over my glamper limit LOLOLOL. Kudos to you for trying new things!

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