Whatever Wednesday: Exercise



Exercise needs to be fun so it doesn’t feel like you are “working” out. You will naturally want to do it again. For Xena, it’s playing fetch.

As for me, it’s trail running.

Westridge Canyon Back – my favorite place to run with Xena
View of Pacific Palisades.  The trail is big enough to share with hikers and mountain bikes.

What is yours?  

XoXo ♥


7 comments on “Whatever Wednesday: Exercise”

      1. Yes I do….particularly the bit where I get really muddy. I used to take my dogs running with me but they’re too old now. Sigh.

      2. It’s the same as when they are very young, you can’t take them on a 10 mile MTB ride and then a 5 mile run. That’s what I used to do with all three of mine.

      3. Thank you. I used to have one on the left, one on the right and one behind. They learned very quickly to stay away from the wheels.

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