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Best of 2019!


It’s that time of the year. I look forward to writing this post every December. It’s time to look back and recap what we did this year and start planning for the next year’s adventure.

The year 2019 has been a year of transformation for us. While I experienced personal growth in the spiritual realm, Xena went through a noticeable physical transformation. At first, I felt sad to see the gray hair coming in all over her body including her eyelashes but now I like that I can see the transformation she is going through so we can go through it together. I love her more because of it. Somehow, it makes her even sweeter if that’s possible.

This year flew by for me with a new business and all. It’s been a great experience and I loved every minute working on it! Between my full-time job and the new side job, I had less time for roaming free in the woods. In addition, truth to be told, my interest in exploring the local forests had declined this year. We’ve explored many dog-friendly trails in Southern California in the last 5 years since I started this blog and there aren’t many new local trails left in my wish list. My goal isn’t to hike all trails so there are trails that will just never be on my wish list.

Not surprisingly 49% of our hikes this year were on the road compared to only 38% last year. Most likely, the trend will continue next year as I am already planning for some exciting road trips for us. All in all, it was another fantastic year for adventures and I am super excited about the new adventures 2020 will bring! Without further ado, here is a roundup of the top 3 popular posts from 2019! Enjoy!
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Readers Favorites of 2019:

#3 – Carmel-by-the-Sea, Dog Lovers Dream Town


#2 – Smith Mountain

Adventure Dog Photography

#1 – Hiking to Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Hike

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Top 3 Most Viewed Overall:

#3 – Beach Camping at Lake Powell

Lake Powell

#2 – Solo Travel and Hiking with Dog

Solo Camping and Hiking With Dog

#1 – 5 Best Dog-Friendly Hikes in Malibu

Escondido Falls

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And now, here are my personal favorites from this year:

Most Fun Hike:  Smith Mountain

Several hikes come to my mind but I think I have to go with the Smith Mountain hike. When a fun hike also offers a great photography opportunity, it makes me squeal with joy. The second half of the hike requires rock climbing and that’s Xena’s favorite thing to do. When my girl is at the happiest, I have the most fun. No doubt. So this solo hike on that foggy morning through wildflowers and rock climbing to the peak deserves this recognition.

Most Memorable Hike:  Barber Peak Loop

Although we had a scary moment on this hike when we ran into a wild bull, nothing bad happened and it made the hike more exciting! Climbing out of the canyon via rings at the end was so much fun! Xena might say chasing after jackrabbits were the highlight of her birthday hike.

Thank you all for following along our adventures in 2019 and for your likes, comments and encouraging words.

They all meant a lot to me so I sincerely Thank You!

May the New Year bring health, joy, peace and many amazing adventures.

Happy Holidays and New Year!


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