Convict Lake

One More Try At Convict Lake


We were back in the Eastern Sierra past weekend. I just can’t get enough of that place! Last time we were up in Convict Lake, Xena ate a fish hook and had to be rushed to a vet. You can read all about that exciting visit here. This time, she was advised not to eat any more fish hook.

We stayed at Convict Lake Resort for 3 nights in a small cabin. So small, it made me feel like I was playing house. I think I will stay in a bigger cabin next time. Anyhow, the cabin had everything we needed and the location of the resort was perfect for the hiking plans I made for the long weekend. It was quiet and peaceful, and after dark deer roamed freely on the property.

The resort had a cute little general store and a solid 4.5-star restaurant, but our cabin came with a fully equipped kitchen and a propane gas grill so we didn’t need to eat out. The general store was well stocked and the staff was friendly. It was a perfect little place to make a quick stop each morning to pick up some trail snacks before heading out.

Convict Lake Loop Trail

On the morning of the last day of the trip, we strolled around the lake. It is an easy 2.5-mile hike. The trail is easy to follow and well-maintained. You can begin the hike from the north shore by the boat ramp or from the south side via lake access trail (paved, 0.3 miles) then connect with Convict Lake Loop Trail.

We began from the south side and hiked the loop clockwise. The weather was perfect, and fall colors were at its peak.

South Shore

Start of Convict Lake Loop Trail… Do you see Xena waiting for me?

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Book a custom Adventure Dog photo session with Outdoor Dog Photography today!

North Shore


Xena stopped at every lake access trail and checked with me. ‘Nope, you are not going down to the shore to explore this time.’ Convict Lake is popular with fishermen. Most of them were on the south shore but I wasn’t going to risk it. But she checked in with me anyway at every lake access if I changed my mind.


Convict Lake sits at 7,850 feet (2,392.68 m). This is an excellent warm-up hike to acclimate to the high elevation before you do big hikes nearby. And it is also a good little hike to tire your pup out before you get on the road, so she is relaxed in the car.

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date: 10.28.18
  • Distance:  2.5 miles RT
  • Elevation Gain:  213 feet
  • Difficulty Level:  Easy
  • Free day-use parking near Convict Lake Campground
  • Resort pet policy and fee:  Convict Lake Resort allows pets of any size for a fee of $12 per pet, per night (maximum $60 per stay)


As for the other hikes, stay tuned for complete hiking guides with photos. I can’t wait to share them with you. They were beautiful!

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Happy Hiking!


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