Review: Hurtta Dazzle Rope Leash

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This weekend the daylight saving time will end. Are you and your dog going to be safe walking in the dark?

Hurtta America sent us their new Dazzle Rope Leash in Hi-Viz Orange to test. We never had a rope leash so I was excited to try it out. This review is based on our normal use for 1 1/2 months on daily walks.

Product Specs

  • Size: 6′ x 1/2″ (6′ x 1/4″ also available)
  • Color: Hi-Viz Orange
  • Retail: $33.00
  • Weight:  6.65 oz

Source:  Hurtta America

Design and Function – 4/5


3M reflectors are intertwined with the neon orange rope to improve visibility in the dark. My initial reaction to the rope was, “Wow, that’s bright!” The Hi-Viz orange definitely screams for attention during the day. Several dog owners pointed out to me how bright the leash is and how they like it.

A D-ring connects the soft padded handle to the leash which is perfect for clipping the poop bag dispenser.

The lobster clip was easy to use and worked as expected.

The Hi-Viz orange made Xena visible in the dark. Below photo was taken 40 minutes after sunset without the flash. You cannot see objects in the photo clearly but you can see the leash and her Hi-Viz collar (a separate review will be available).


Quality and Durability – 3/5

The D-ring shows wear and tear but my biggest complaint though is the lint from the rope. The lint shows all over the rope as you can see below so it did just OK in the durability test. Other than that, I don’t see a noticeable flaw with the leash.

I am used to leather and nylon leashes. When Xena saw a stray cat and wanted to chase it, I struggled with the leash a bit to pull her back. Unlike the leather and nylon leashes, this rope is soft. I had less control over the situation. It might not be the best option if your pup is a strong puller on walks. I wish the rope is tighter. I had a chance to look at the 1/4″ rope leash and the rope seemed more tightly constructed.

Fit and Fashion – 4/5

6′ length is what I am used to and like. The padded handle is soft and comfortable but I wish the leash is lint-free.

The bright orange is eye-catching for sure and it would look good on any color pup. Not a major thing on a black dog but I wonder if it would look better if the metal connectors are the same color as the rope. It would streamline the look. I am not a big fan of contrasting colors unless they are in the sky.


Overall – 3.7/5

This weekend the daylight saving will end. I like that Dazzle Rope Leash keeps Xena visible in the dark and low light settings. It’s a good supplement to a safety collar or a harness and a smart addition to fall/winter gear collection. I would like to see the the 1/2″ rope to be constructed more tightly though in the next version. It will improve the durability.


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