Pier to Pier and More

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When you hear the word “trail”, you automatically think of the mountains and parks. But not all trails are in the woods. Last weekend, I took Xena to the Strand in Manhattan Beach. The Strand is a sidewalk that runs along the sand and connects the beach towns of the South Bay. Ok, so it’s not a typical trail I would blog about but this is a dog-friendly place so I want to share with you.

As usual, after I parked free on N Valley Road near Live Oak Park South Field, I took the 15th Street to the Strand then headed toward Hermosa Beach. The distance from Manhattan Beach pier to Hermosa Beach pier is 1.7 miles. The Strand is shared by everyone in Hermosa Beach but in Manhattan Beach, a separate bike trail is available parallel to the Strand.

The Strand is a good place to walk with your dog any time of the day but being a morning person that I am, I really enjoy it in the morning and especially on Sunday mornings. Spending time with Xena while sipping my soy latte and enjoying the ocean view…it’s so peaceful and relaxing. I wish my every morning is this way!

Poop bag dispensers are set up in many locations in both beaches. It’s good news if you forget or run out of bags. We walked little over 4.5 miles but you can make this walk shorter or longer as you wish. It’s also a good place for people watching. 🙂

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