I Am Back, Baby!

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My (self-diagnosed) tendinitis is finally under control after 2 months. I missed hiking but luckily my new job kept me super busy. Yes, I am back to being a working professional again. After 5 years of working from home, going back to an office was definitely challenging. I was exhausted every night and the weekends were spent doing things to prepare for the following week. It felt like everything I did outside of the office was about preparing to go in to work. I am still waiting for the new routine to stick so it becomes a mindless habit. Until then, it requires my focus which means, more energy.

I am relieved that my knees are almost back to normal just in time for the fall. The weekend should be about doing what makes you happy! You already know what makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s time to hit the trails again!

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