What Should I Pack?


So you are going hiking for the 1st time with your pooch, here are some items you must pack for your dog for a 2- to 5-mile hike.

  1. Water bottle or bowl.  I’ve been using the same H2O4K9 Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl (25 oz) for 2 years now.  It shows wear and tear on the outside now but still works great.  I love it because the lid acts as a bowl so you don’t have to carry a water bottle and a bowl separately.
  2. Treats.  Hiking is a great exercise and you burn a lot of calories.  So does your dog.  It doesn’t mean you need to give him a treat every 1/2 mile though.  I normally have a snack break at the mid point of our hike.  That works for us.   Just watch your dog’s energy level throughout the hike for his safety.  You should take more water break than treat break.  I always take more than I would need in case of emergency.  If we get lost and have to spend more time on the trails than I anticipated, I don’t want Xena to be hungry.
  3. Extra poop bags.  Outdoors make Xena go more than usual sometimes. I don’t know what it is.. Usually, I don’t find trash cans on the hiking trails so I use eco friendly bags. For example, Pogi’s poop bags are earth-friendly (EPI technology allows the bags to break down in as little as 18 months, keeping parks, oceans, and landfills plastic free.)
  4. Fixed length leash.  In the L.A. area, most of the dog friendly trails require dogs to be on a leash.  I recommend a 6-ft leash.  Some trails have a restriction on the length of the leash as well and it’s usually no longer than 6 feet.

Remember to check for ticks on your dog before leaving the trails.  The preventive medication such as Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix protects them from fleas and ticks but you should still check … just in case.

Happy Hiking!


2 comments on “What Should I Pack?”

  1. You provided us an amazon.com link to the water bottle (pic, price, review & etc). How cool! Thanks!

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