Go to the Beach …or Not

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The surf city Huntington Beach, CA has a dog beach in the north part of the town.  The beach offers a 1-mile stretch of total off-leash beach access for dogs.  It’s a great way to spend a family time at the beach!

However, I don’t think it’s for all dogs and dog owners.  The beach is totally off-leash.  You know your dog better than anyone else.  If your dog is totally free-spirited, extremely independent and adventurous, so when he is off-leash, he will take off as if he is finally free?  This isn’t a good place to take him unless you plan to walk or run with him on a leash on the beach.  A dog park would be a better choice for your free-spirited pooch.

A tired dog is a happy dog.

Every time I go, I see someone on a blanket meanwhile keeping her dog on a short leash the entire time (9 out 10 times, it was a woman. Sorry, ladies.) and don’t allow him to meet other dogs. Whatever the reason might be, it’s because she lacks trust in her dog and keeping her dog on a leash is probably the right thing do.  However, I think trying to keep an active dog in one place when other dogs are running around, playing with each other or chasing after a ball is unrealistic and even mean.  The irritated dog barks and pulls on the leash so he can meet a dog who is walking nearby.  This irritates the owner because she can’t get the relaxation and quiet she wants so she scolds the dog.  What did she envision when she was packing for the beach?  Her active dog will stay calm, remain in one place and wait for her so she can get a nice even golden tan?  Did she just bring the dog to the beach so she doesn’t have to worry about leaving the dog at home by himself?  Out of quilt?  At least this way, he can go potty when he wants to.  I don’t know but it’s not right.  It’s a dog beach.  Dogs should have fun here!  A family outing should be enjoyable by everyone including your dog if you decide to include him.  If your dog needs to be on a leash at all times, walk him first.  Lay down your blanket and set up your spot then walk him on the beach before you settle down.  Let him explore the waves, smell the ocean, get his paws wet if he shows curiosity, meet other dogs on the walk.  Let him have fun.  You can always relax and have a quiet time when your dog is happy and tired.

Thanks for listening.

Location:  Huntington Dog Beach, 100 Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA

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