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New Favorite! Mt Islip

Xena was a grump that morning. She is not a morning dog so when I rush to get ready super early in the morning when it’s still dark outside, she is usually grumpy. That grumpy face dissipated though when we arrived at the Islip Saddle parking lot little after 7 am. Then she was super

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Need Your Support!

I am so stoked!! Most of you already know that I took a hiking trip to Alaska last summer. After the trip, I entered in to the 2016 guest photo contest hosted by Backroads. I received a notification email today from them that I am a finalist!! Backroads selected 30 photos out of 10,000+ submissions

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Dog Gear Review: Hurtta Summit Parka

The best thing about Southern California is the weather. Heck, that’s why I moved here from the east coast years ago. The next best thing is the nature surrounding the region. We have the ocean, mountains and deserts within driving distance. With the year-around good weather, these places are always accessible if you can make

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Vetter Mountain and Mt Mooney

We got on the road super early that morning to meet up with a friend at the Charlton Flats Picnic area parking lot before the sunrise. It was the last weekend before the daylight time savings ends. After that, we would have to wake up even earlier to see the sunrise so this was our

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Bright and Early at Big Horn Mine

Best dog-friendly hikes in Southern California

The Big Horn Mine near Wrightwood has been closed off for a long time but in the early 1900s, it used to be a profitable gold mine. Now, this abandoned mine is a popular hiking destination for SoCal hikers. I planned to meet up with Katherine super early at the trailhead because we wanted to see

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