But Wait….There is More!


2020 has been eventful. The pandemic…job loss…lockdown…new job…..chaotic election…..more lockdown. But wait….There is more!

I thought it was enough already then I had an unexplainable toe injury. It happened in my kitchen one evening. It reminded me of the saying, It can always be worse, so be grateful for what you already have.

I won’t bore you with details of the accident. I was in a boot for a month and limped around the neighborhood with Xena. The rest of the time, I hung out with Netflix.

Before the accident, I hadn’t been feeling like my usual optimistic self. I was planning to leave the corporate world for good this year and go all into my business. Then, the pandemic happened. I lost my consulting job sooner than I was ready to leave. Luckily, I landed on a temporary consulting job, but it required me to do things that were not aligned with my field, and I was struggling with the transition and my professional identity.

Then the accident happened.

At first, Netflix helped me escape my reality. But all movies and series eventually end at some point, forcing me back to reality. I had all the time I need to think. Self-pity isn’t my style, so it didn’t last. Things do get worse before they get better.

During that time, I used my journals and meditations to receive the answer to the question I had: How do I end my internal struggle? I feel stuck. How do I clear my path?

Once I received it, the answer was simple. Say Yes and Stop Resisting new opportunities even if I don’t think they are right for me at the moment. They will help me get to where I want to go. I just don’t see the entire path yet with my limited vision.

It’s amazing how a little tweak in your perspective changes the whole world you see.

Since I accepted the guidance, I feel lighter. Most importantly, I am able to see that those new opportunities that I was resisting to take on were misaligned with my previous professional identity as an analyst but, in fact, very much aligned with my new role as a business owner.

I guess I was afraid of letting go of the old ways of things. It took me a very bad toe injury to finally see things clearly. It was the Universe nudging me on to the path I needed to be on to get what I want. I am glad I decided to listen.

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6 comments on “But Wait….There is More!”

    1. True…It’s hard to see the entire picture when we are too close. More reason why we should trust our inner guidance in challenging times. All the best to you!

  1. I’m glad you were able to open yourself to new options! It’s great to be able to see your future from a different angle.

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