The Results Are In!


Back in August, I ran a poll on my blog to get to know our blog community better. Since this blog is my hobby and I enjoy what I do, the results aren’t going to change the content nor the style of the blog. I just wanted to get to know you and I thought it would be fun.

Here are the results:

Your reason for following this blog:

  1. 33% said For Inspiration
  2. 22% said For Motivation
  3. 15% said For Tips
  4. 11% said For Entertainment
  5. 11% said Other (and I love the information you shared!)
  6. 7% said For Trail Info

Your favorite part about our blog:

  1. 28% said Dog Photography
  2. 28% said Adventure Stories
  3. 16% said Nature Photography
  4. 16% said Tips and How-To’s
  5. 8% said Hiking Guides and Trail Info
  6. 4% said Gear Reviews

The results brought a smile to my face. But I think no matter what the results are, it would make me smile. I am doing what I love so the blog brings me joy. But it’s nice to know that what we do have a positive impact on someone’s life in some small way.

Thank you for being part of our lovely community. Appreciate it! You guys inspire me too!



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