Guest Blog: Top 5 Dog-Friendly Spring/Summer Hikes in the Bay Area


The travel season is fast approaching. Are you planning to visit the San Francisco Bay Area this summer and looking for a dog-friendly hike? Look no more. I am thrilled to share the top 5 dog-friendly spring/summer hikes by Hikes Dogs Love!

1. Cataract Falls


Fairfax, CA

This is a gorgeous hike through vibrant moss-covered trails with pools of water and a huge cascading waterfall throughout most of the hike. Due to a recent road closure, you must start this hike from the upper trailhead and hike down.The total hike is about 9 miles. It’s steep in some stretches and there are quite a few stairs, but it’s definitely worth the workout! This hike is best in Spring, as the waterfall isn’t flowing as heavily in Summer, but it’s still a beautiful, shady hike in the canyon anytime of year.


2. Redwood Regional Park

RedwoodOakland, CA

This park features over 1,800 acres of forest and many trails with diverse scenery to explore. During summer, we beat the heat by hiking scenic trails in the canyon. Beginning from the parking lot, our go-to loop is West Ridge Trail>Madrone Trail>French Trail>Redwood Peak Trail. This is a very scenic hike that dips down into the shady valley and surrounds you in vibrant green ferns and towering redwoods. A creek flows along the trail during some of the year. Some mornings, even in July, the trails are blanketed in fog.  The ethereal beauty of the misty trails, surrounded by towering Redwoods, makes for an incredible hike.  This loop is approximately 2 miles round trip, but can easily be extended into a longer hike via several connecting trails.


3. Mori Point

Mori Point

Pacifica, CA

This 32-acre park offers hikes along the bluffs with panoramic coastal views, and even a dog-friendly beach. The cool ocean breeze makes this spot a great choice for Summer, and if you’re lucky you may even spot some whales off the coast. This is a 1.5-mile hike but you can extend your hike into a connecting park or finish with a leisurely stroll along the beach.


4. Leona Heights Park

Leona Heights

Oakland, CA

This little-known park features beautiful shaded trails alongside a creek that flows year-round. During your hike you will transverse magical wooden bridges, climb log staircases and see several mini-waterfalls. You will have your choice of connecting trails snaking through the woods and offering views of the Bay Area. Depending on your choice of routes, this hike will take from 2 miles up to 4.5 miles to hike.


5. Land’s End

Land's End

San Francisco, CA

This is a classic San Francisco hike, offering stunning views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Abundant photo opportunities exist, including a large rock labyrinth sitting on the edge of the shore, with the bridge as a backdrop. Most of the hike hugs the rocky Cliffside, with panoramic ocean views along the trail. Towering cypress trees and wildflowers line the trail. You will even discover a dog-friendly beach along the way. At the end of the trail, you can also explore the historic Sutro Bath ruins. This 2-3 mile hike is a must-see!


About Hikes Dogs Love: was started over a year ago, based on decades of knowledge of hiking with dogs in the Bay Area. Unlike other sites, this is not just a catalog, because each hike has been personally tested & reviewed by the writer, Caroline, and her rescue dog, Bailey. Last year, the website won a “Best of the East Bay” award. Every hike has their own photos and little-known information from first-hand experience, along with parking info, trail maps, regulations and everything you need to know about the park. 

I would say Caroline and Bailey know a thing or two about hiking in the Bay Area. 😉 Make sure to bookmark this list! Better yet, head over to their website and get the full hiking guides on these hikes and more!

Happy Hiking!

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