Gear Review: Hurtta Bounty Bag

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What is one gear you will see on a hiker with a dog that you won’t see on a solo hiker? A treat bag.

I used to have a clip-on treat pouch since Xena’s Canine Good Citizen(CGC) training days. The pouch was small and portable and had a magnetic closure. I had no issue with it until I started taking it on hikes. To keep it portable, I clipped it on the hip belt of whatever backpack I used for the hike instead of sewing it on to one of the backpacks. Every time I bend over to pick up something (like my trekking poles) or squat down to take photos, the treat bag fell on the ground. Every time I undid the strap, it came off. I was constantly picking it up from the ground. After a while, it got really annoying as you can imagine. Then one day, I finally lost it. A full pouch of treats, GONE. I made one lucky squirrel very happy that day.

I was happy that our friends at Hurtta North America sent me a Bounty Bag to test. They assured me that I won’t lose this one due to its belt design. I’ve been using this treat bag for three months and I still have it and couldn’t be happier!

Product Specs

  • Color: Grey
  • One size: 5 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Machine washable 40ºC/105ºF (warm)
  • Holds 24 cubic inches
  • Retail price: $50

Design – 5/5


Modern funky abstract design with 3M reflectors for safety. The front zipper pocket can hold personal items such as keys, ID, credit cards, poop bag and your phone.

The Bounty Bag is designed for use in active training so it’s perfect for us. The simple drawstring mechanism keeps the treats inside of pouch while in motion and the depth of the pouch prevents the treats from quickly drying out, yet it can be easily opened for rewarding your dog.

The detachable inner pocket can be washed separately to clean any residue from sticky treats. What a clever idea!

Function and Quality – 4.5/5


The front zipper pocket is big enough to hold my giant Galaxy S7 edge. I use both my camera and phone to take photos and also use the GPS on the phone. Before the Bounty Bag, I always fussed about where I kept the phone so it’s easily accessible and couldn’t find a perfect solution. If I wasn’t hiking with anyone, I had to undo my pack to get to my phone. So you can imagine this was a huge plus for me! However, when I put my phone in the pocket, I can’t put anything else. My big phone problem though.

I give Xena dry chicken jerky and Zuke’s Power Bones when we hike. Power Bones do get dried out toward the end of the hike but then we hike for hours.

The material is durable as you would expect from Hurtta products. When I come home, I just flip it upside down and shake out the crumbs and pat the outside to get rid of dirt. I only had to wash it once so far.

Fit and Fashion – 5/5


My hiking clothes and gear are usually colorful. Grey goes with everything and is unisex.

The adjustable strap makes it easy for you to get the right fit you want. You can wear it on your waist or on your hips. The strap and the pouch constantly rub against my clothing when I am in motion and they did not damage the fabric of my clothes.

It comes in one size. I am 5’6″ tall so you can compare. The treat bag may look bigger or smaller on you depending on your size.

Overall – 4.8/5

Hurtta Bounty Bag is durable, very functional, easy to care for and great for anyone who works with dogs (e.g., dog trainers, therapy dog handlers, K9 emergency response team, etc.) or has an active lifestyle with their dog(s) and use treats as rewards.


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