Whatever Wednesday: Gear Check

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I lost the original copy of this picture when I reset my phone. So I had to copy it from my Instagram account. Hence the low quality..

As I gathered gear for the next day hike, I wanted to show you what my preparation looks like. Thing you don’t see in this photo are our lunches, hydration pack and a towel.

The hike was supposed to be 10 miles RT but I was pretty sure that I would get us lost so I packed more food and water than we need. For two of us, I packed 4L of water! Like I said, more than what we need… This would be the longest hike for Xena and we would need to cross a stream several times (she is not a water dog) so I wanted to make sure I had everything to make her feel comfortable as possible. I was so focused on her gear, I forgot my trekking poles which I regretted next day.

Next morning we got up super early and hiked to Bridge to Nowhere in San Gabriel Mountains. As suspected, we got lost and ended up hiking 11 miles. Instead crossing the stream 5-6 times per reviews, we probably crossed it 10+ times. 🙈 Do I know myself or what.  Xena was a trooper though and I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Stay tuned for the trail write-up for Bridge to Nowhere.

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