Wilson Saddle via Los Pinetos Trail

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As we were getting close to Placerita Canyon Nature Center, a light came on on my dashboard. “ICY”. I noticed the temperature outside was 36 degrees. I looked around as I was driving. No ice. “Oh, don’t be so dramatic.”, I told my car. Then I realized I didn’t bring Xena’s coat.

I parked near the Nature Center which was still closed but it would be open by the time we get back to my car.

Los Pinetos 1

I put layers of clothes on then put on my hat and gloves. Now, ready to hike.

From the main trailhead, follow a sign for Walker Ranch (2 miles from the trailhead). Canyon Trail is flat and family-friendly so it’s heavily used by walkers and runners.

Los Pinetos 11
Canyon Trail

Soon after you pass Walker Ranch, you will come to a camping site with porta-potties, benches and a trail sign. The sign will be on your right. Take Los Pinetos Trail (2.4 miles one way).

Wilson Saddle via Los Pinotes Trail

Los Pinetos Trail got us out of the campsite quickly and took us to a less traveled single-track path. Thank you. All elevation gain on this hike happens on this trail. In 2.3 miles, elevation gain is 1,756 feet. It was a chilly but beautiful morning and the sun was rising. I finally stopped feeling cold as we climbed. Xena was fine too.

Los Pinetos 7

Los Pinetos 6

Los Pinetos 3

After halfway up, we started to have some shades. This looked like a good place for a break to hydrate.

Los Pinetos 8

Remember this photo from my earlier post, Christmas Spirit? This was taken here. 🙂


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We continued on. It was noticeably cooler as we climbed more in the shade. Eventually, Los Pinetos Trail ended at Santa Clara Truck Trail and we were greeted by a few nice mountain bikers.

The Wilson Saddle picnic area is to your right. If it wasn’t windy, I would’ve liked to picnic here before we descended.

Los Pinetos 4

Here are some pictures I took on the way down.

Los Pinetos 5

Los Pinetos 2

Los Pinetos 9

On the way back, I wished the flat 2-mile Canyon Trail was shorter. Much shorter. A half-mile would’ve been good. It’s a nice trail but just not exciting after already hiking 6.5 miles with views. I plan to start from a different location next time. I think that will make this hike good all around.

Los Pinetos 10
Canyon Trail

Good to Know:

  • Hike Date:  12.19.15
  • Total Distance:  8.5 miles, out and back
  • Elevation Gain:  1,756 feet
  • Restroom available at multiple locations: trailhead, camping site & Wilson Saddle picnic area
  • Trailhead:  19152 Placerita Canyon Rd, Newhall, CA, 91321

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Happy Hiking!

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