SLO, Perfect Getaway


A trip including hiking and wine tasting is a perfect getaway in my book any time. Recently, I traveled to San Luis Obispo (a.k.a. SLO) with my sister for a few days to do just that. Xena was a trooper and tolerated the 3.5-hour long car ride.

We arrived at a dog-friendly Best Western which is located a mile outside of downtown SLO. The hotel was conveniently located for everything we were there for. Best of all, it was walking distance from the scenic Laguna Lake Park. The park has an off-leash (no fence) dog park. I wish I had known that before the trip. I would have brought ChuckIt with us. We still enjoyed exploring the park during our morning and evening walks.

After checking into the hotel, we went to Big Sky Cafe in downtown for a late lunch. The food was great and the service was even better! Their outdoor patio was Xena friendly. Hazel and I enjoyed our delicious lunch with a glass of wine.

Next, we drove to dog-friendly Kelsey See Canyon Vinyard for wine tasting. Hazel enjoyed their wine so much, she even signed up for a membership.

Have you heard peacocks communicate with each other? I’ve been around peacocks before but this was new to me. One lets out a high pitch squeezing sound – I don’t know how else to describe it – then the rest follows. It’s alarming when they all participate! Needless to say, my ever-cautious girl was on an alert mode the entire time. Maybe a sip of wine is what she needed in hindsight. When the peacocks showed off their intricate feathers, she quietly watched them. They sure are beautiful creatures.

We planned on hiking for the next two mornings. One trail was Xena friendly and the other one was not. We chose to hike the latter next morning. The road trip, lunch outing, wine tasting and peacocks, enough excitement for one day for Xena. I knew she would be happy to stay back and chill on my bed.

The next morning, while Xena was taking a nap in our hotel room, we went to Montana de Oro State Park and hiked up to Valencia Peak. Since the trail is not dog-friendly, I don’t plan on writing a separate blog post for it. But it was a great hike so I want to share some photos with you. Enjoy!

View of Spooner’s Cove from the peak
View of Morro Bay from the peak


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Happy Hiking!


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4 comments on “SLO, Perfect Getaway”

  1. Beautiful ocean views from Valencia Peak! I have not heard peacocks communicate, not sure how I had imagined they would communicate:) Squeezing sound – why not! 🙂 Sounds like a lovely trip, I’ll take wine tasting any day!

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