Cahuenga Peak


Winter Hike #9: Universal City, CA

Located near Hollywood Hills and Griffith Park, Cahuenga Peak is a fun urban hike. There was no sign enforcing the leash rule so I assume off-leash is allowed there. However, if you are approaching a crowd, for everyone’s safety including your pup’s, I recommend you to put your dog on a leash.

Even though it’s less than 4 miles to do a loop, the steep climb and the views make this trail interesting and challenging at times. Overall, it’s rated moderate.

Downtown LA and Lake Hollywood
View from the top of Cahuenga Peak – Downtown LA and Lake Hollywood
Griffith Observatory and Downtown LA
Another view from the top of Cahuenga Peak – Griffith Observatory and Downtown LA

At the Wishing Tree (aka Wisdom Tree), you have a 360-degree view of the city below. I continued on and hiked up to the Hollywood Sign at the top of Mt. Lee. I will leave the trail map below.

Aileen Getty Ridge Trail

Reached backside of the Hollywood Sign (newly named Hugh Hefner Overlook)
Tree of Life Trail

Good to Know:

There is no place to park at the trailhead on Wonder View Drive. I recommend you turn right at Lake Hollywood Drive and park on the street. Around 7:30 am on Saturday, there was plenty of parking. However, when I came back to my car around 10:30 am, the street was packed with parked cars.

Details on the Hike:

  • Hike Date: 2.14.2015
  • Trail Map
  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 964 ft
  • Fee/Permit: None

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Happy Hiking!

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