Wildflowers and Paintbrush

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I was surprised to see so many hikers near the trailhead because it looked like it would rain at any moment.

Winter Hike #7: Palos Verdes, CA (Palos Verdes Nature Reserve)

I am not a fan of hiking in the rain. Well, to be correct, I am not a fan of mud. I hoped it doesn’t rain until we finish hiking. Due to fog, I couldn’t see the ocean but the view was still picturesque at the trailhead.

I took the little side trail on the right at the first junction to get away from the crowd. At first, I thought only that area was green but to my surprise, the entire rolling hills were covered with greenery and wildflowers!

When I started hiking here a few years ago, it was after a wildfire. The city put a lot of effort into restoring the area since then. Even last year, it didn’t look like this! About 5-6 years after the wildfire, the place is finally coming back to life again! They did a great job!

It was absolutely beautiful! I felt so happy that I was almost giddy. From Ishibashi Trail, I turned left on to a side trail that had less traffic. It’s a gradual uphill on a narrow trail. This was my view from Grapevine Trail.

Rolling hills of Portuguese Bend Reserve – 02.07.2015

We ran into a couple of friendly hikers and their dogs here and there but mostly we hiked by ourselves. It was quiet and peaceful. Just the way I like it. From Grapevine Trail, take Rim Trail and make it back to Ishibashi Trail. Then, take Rim Trail again on your left. Exploring new trails led me to my new favorite trail – Paintbrush Trail.

Beginning of Paintbrush Trail from Rim Trail. Next time, I would like to climb up the trail. The CAUTION sign?  Take it seriously.  I slipped a few times.

Paintbrush Trail eventually meets Burma Road.  Make a right if you want to return to the trailhead.

Good to Know:
I recommend proper hiking shoes for Paintbrush Trail. Trekking poles are optional unless you have knee issues.

If you are interested in exploring the area further, please check out my previous postings for Palos Verdes from the menu.

Good to Know:

  • Photos are from 2015
  • Distance:  4 miles RT, Loop
  • Elevation Gain: 945 ft
  • Difficulty Level:  Moderate-Challenging
  • Trailhead:  33.757639, -118.367317 (copy/paste into your GPS)

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Happy Hiking!

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