So Was It Random?


I was walking Xena in downtown Burbank this morning. This old man in his early 70s wanted to say hi to Xena as we were passing by. Xena being a bit shy, she ignored the attention and kept walking. As we passed the old man, I explained to him that she was shy. He said ok but he couldn’t take his eyes off Xena. He had loving eyes. I stopped about 15-20 feet away from him because I had a strong feeling that he needed Xena. I turned around and started walking back to him and asked if he wanted to pet her. So I went to him and squatted down next to Xena so she would feel safe about this stranger petting her. The old man and Xena had a sweet interaction. A little bit after that, the old man said “Good heart, good soul, you know why?”, pointing to Xena. I replied, “because.. they are pure?” He replied back, pointing to me, “It’s because you have a good heart and good soul.” I was speechless at this unexpected kind response. I stared at him blankly. He continued, “Dogs do that. . They watch their people and mirror them.” I shyly smiled and thanked him then he smiled back at me warmly. And here I thought I was going to lift his spirit when I walked back to him. . .as if the universe knew that I could use a little help too today. .

2 comments on “So Was It Random?”

  1. Sometimes help comes in many different forms and from people you least expected.
    I’m glad this one came to you when you needed it.

    1. True.. yes, this encounter had a profound impact on me spiritually. My spiritual friend always tells me that we are all connected via our energy. I am starting to think that may be true. .

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