Tag: Santa Monica Mountains

Mesa Peak Trail in Corral Canyon

Mesa Peak Trail is also known as Mesa Peak Motorway. From Pacific Coast Highway, take Corral Canyon Road. Stay on Corral Canyon Road for about 5 miles or so. It eventually changes to Castro Peak Motorway and leads you into Malibu Creek State Park. There is a sign letting you know that you are now entering into the state

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Corral Canyon Park via Sara Wan Trailhead

I’ve noticed that the day is getting shorter. But the heat is still here. So is humidity. Southern California is known for its dry heat. It’s a desert. So what is up with humidity?! Even though I am originally from the East Coast, my body already forgot what humidity feels like after living in SoCal over

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Mishe Mokwa to Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak is the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was overcast and misty. I was surrounded by low heavy clouds on freeways. I almost turned around a couple of times on my way to the trailhead due to low visibility. I was concerned about safety in case the condition was the same on

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