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Popular Echo Mountain via Sam Merrill Trail

Do you like switchbacks? This one is for you! Winter Hike #5:  Altadena, CA It was such a clear day! I’ve hiked this many times before but never seen downtown LA from here until then. I was hiking with my friends and their dog. I was happy for them that they can experience Echo Mountain

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Winter Hike Begins in LA

There are several dog-friendly trails in Whittier but Whittier is too hot during summer for Xena (for me too!) so the trails in the area have been on my Winter Hike wishlist for a while. The trailhead of Hellman Wilderness Park should’ve been easy to find if Alltrails.com had the right location pinned but instead

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Hill Workout in Palos Verdes

I got up early yesterday to hit the trails before it gets scorching hot again. I’ve been wanting to go hiking for a while but the job search kept me busy past couple weeks. I felt almost relieved when we arrived at the Portuguese Bend Reserve. “Ahh.. we are finally here.”, I thought. Even Xena looked relieved. Maybe she

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