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In this series, I feature dog-friendly blogs or small businesses that I believe they need a little spotlight moment so more people can learn about what they do and why they do them. All of the guests are whom I’ve had interaction with online through social media channels and my blog. I am constantly inspired by their positive energy. Hope they inspire you too!

This month I’d like to introduce you to our traveling friends from Ontario, Canada. Since 2015, Kristal has camped, hiked, and driven with her dogs – Jack, Leo, Piper (RIP) and now King all over Canada and the United States. Everyone, please meet AdventureDawgs.

I’m in awe each time I read her travel stories. When I asked Kristal what are some of the lessons learned over the years that she finds valuable information to keep in mind when traveling with multiple dogs, this is what she shared with me:

It’s easy if you are realistic about your expectations for the trip.  With three dogs, including one bigger dog, strolling down a city block is difficult in the middle of the day and I’m always terrified that someone will take them if I leave them tied up outside a store.

I’d say the biggest lesson is to plan your trip around your dog.  If you want to visit museums and fancy restaurants, leave the pooch at home or find them a daycare.  If you have a dog that has physical challenges then you have to adjust for them and try not to overwhelm your dog.  I think that a lot of people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into preparing dogs for travel; not just riding in the car but getting them acclimated to tents, tie-outs, and wilderness sounds  Taking the time to prepare them is an investment for successful road trips.

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Let’s be honest, when you travel with not one but three dogs, the probability of things not going as planned increases exponentially. A common trait I see over and over in other solo travelers and hikers with their dog is their great sense of humor. Kristal definitely has that and it shows in her writing.

I think that by not planning and keeping a “go where the wind blows” attitude, it has really helped with travelling and kept disappointment to a minimum.  Have our trips always gone smoothly?  Of course not.  The number of times I’ve slept in my car is proof of that but sometimes when things don’t go smoothly, those are the times you remember the most.  No one has ever been seriously hurt and really that’s all that matters.  I could gloss over the parts that don’t go so well and make every trip sound perfect but that’s not honest, it’s not realistic, and I want to show how things can go wrong and what to do about it.

Blogging is a lot of work and is a commitment so I asked Kristal what keeps her blogging and here is her why:

I think that since I’ve been doing it so long it would be like abandoning all the people that started following us.  It’s one thing to have my grandma reading about our trips but then there are people who have absolutely no personal ties to us.  I feel that it is a privilege that they would give up some of their valuable time and there is a sense of obligation to keep going.

There’s also a lot of people, especially women, who have told me that I’m brave for travelling alone.  I don’t see it as brave but if I can inspire at least one person to get out of their comfort zone, that makes me happy.  And then there’s promoting the small businesses that we visit that are fighting against massive corporate giants so I like to give them a shout out.

She cares about her readers and inspires others who are afraid to get out of their comfort zone so they can too experience something new and exciting. Not to mention her crazy love for her fur babies and that I totally admire her adventurous side. That’s why I chose to share AdventureDawgs with you this month. Subscribe to AdventureDawgs and get inspired! Be sure to check out their Standard Road Trip Rules too and as Kristal said, remember road trips cannot be taken too seriously!

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AdventureDawgs Bio

The AdventureDawgs is a pack of three (and a driver). We love to roam the open roads and find the hidden places that others might miss. I’m hoping that anyone reading here will be able to learn from our travels (both the good and the not so good) and will be entertained in the process. Since 2015, the dogs and I have driven, camped, hiked, and eaten our way all over Canada and the United States.


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