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Happy 7th!


Every year I try to do something special on Xena’s birthday. This year, we celebrated my sweet girl’s milestone birthday at the Mojave Desert last week.

After an exhilarating hike that included a standoff with a wild bull, chasing after jackrabbits, getting cactus spines removed from a paw in the middle of a hike, and getting lifted by humans to climb steep rocks, the birthday girl was caught sleeping at her birthday party. 😉🎉👑 

That’s a solid sign of good day spent in the wilderness, don’t you agree?

She was so cute in her birthday hat, I made her wear it every day for a photo.

I will end this short post with 7 fun facts you probably didn’t know about the birthday girl.

  1. Xena’s pregnant mama was rescued from a street of Long Beach, CA during a Christmas week. She had healthy 9 puppies a week later.
  2. Xena is the only black pup out of the litter, just like her mama Fiona.
  3. She is all black except the white tip on her left back paw.
  4. She has a birthmark on her stomach.
  5. She hates rain but she will go into the shower voluntarily. A real princess.
  6. One night when she was about 3 years old, she fought a bathroom rug in the middle of the night. She wrestled the bathroom rugs every night for 6 months straight. Usually, I found the aftermath in the morning but sometimes, she woke me up with her noise effect. Then one night, all of a sudden, she stopped fighting the rugs. Since then, she occasionally fights the bathroom rugs in the middle of the night when she thinks reinforcement is required to keep the rugs in line. To this day, I have no idea what the rugs did.
  7. Current obsession:  Starbucks’ Puppuccino

~ Hugs ~

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