Women's Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles Review

Gear Review: Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles – Women’s


My old women’s Leki poles had a twist lock that didn’t work consistently especially in the cold weather. On winter mornings, I used to find myself wrestling with the lock mechanism at the trailhead. It wouldn’t lock and the poles would just keep spinning. After a while, I’d just give up and hike without it or just with one pole that I somehow managed to make it lock.

It’s hard for me to buy new gear when the current gear isn’t broken but if I can’t rely on it, what’s the point of having it in the first place? It was a bad relationship and it was time to let go. I just had enough one day so I finally pulled the trigger and replaced them with Women’s Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles. After two years, I am still happy with my decision.


 Product Specs

  • Brand:  Black Diamond
  • Style:  Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles – Women’s
  • Series:  Mountain
  • Shaft:  Aluminum
  • Locking mechanism:  FlickLock Pro
  • Grip:  Foam
  • Color:  
  • Retail Price:  $139.95
  • Weight Per Pair:  1 lb 4 oz (555 g)
  • Collapsed Length:  24 in (62 cm)
  • Useable Length:  24-49 in (62-125 cm)

 Design – 4.5/5

  • Women’s-specific dual-density ergonomic grip and non-slip foam grip extension
  • 360-degree padded webbing strap
  • Control Shock Technology
  • Double FlickLock Pro locking extension system
  • Carbide Tech Tips
  • Standard trekking baskets

I just love the external level lock! There are 4 locks in total, 2 on each pole. The locks work all the time as they should. I can control them easily with even my gloves on.

They are travel-friendly. When collapsed, they are short enough to travel with you in standard check-in luggage.

The dual-density grip is comfortable in my small hands. It’s firm and cushiony at the same time.

The Carbide Tech-Tips are made for technical terrains. We hike often in rocky terrain. Anti-shock feature is a must for me.

These trekking poles come in one color. It would be nice to have other options.

Function – 5/5


The lock mechanism might be loose when you first bring them home. That seems to be pretty normal. Make sure to adjust the tightness before your first hike.

At first, I was skeptical about the foam grip because I read negative reviews that the foam gets slippery and nasty from sweating. After gone through season after season for two years, I yet to experience that with this pair. The dual-density ergonomic grip has been comfortable even on long hikes (> 9 miles). On the other hand, my old Leki’s cork grip almost gave me blisters many times when my palms got sweaty.

Even now, the Carbide Tech-Tips perform well in rocky and slippery muddy terrains. I feel stable with these balancing me on any surface whether on an ascent or a descent.

Quality and Durability – 5/5


I throw these down all the time without looking when I get inspired to take a photo. Good trekking poles are not cheap especially if you want the anti-shock feature. I bought these from Amazon.com and didn’t have to pay the retail price. After two years of normal use, they show only expected wear. There are no dents or broken pieces so far. They are still working great like the day one. I think the price is reasonable when you divide it over years of usage you will get out of them.

Overall – 4.8/5

Women’s Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles are well-made and durable. Made with high-quality materials, the poles still look great without any tear after two years of normal use. They are reliable all year round and handle technical terrains well. They withstood the mileage I put on them over the years. Yet they are soft and comfortable when using them. I couldn’t be happier with these trekking poles.


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Happy Hiking!

7 comments on “Gear Review: Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles – Women’s”

  1. I’ve used a single set of Black Diamond hiking poles over a 16+ year period for 3-day weekends and 2-3 week backpacking trips scattered back-to-back over several months at a time – my extended Road Trips. I think the Model is ‘Trail Back’ although it’s hard to read because they’re so scratched up. I’ve repaced a cup or two on the bottoms -small ones and large ones, as I use them for hiking and snowshoeing as well -year ’round! The locks have worked well throughout this period. I know how old they are because I bought them for a trip to Glacier NP back in ’02. I can’t say enough good thinks about them. I’d recommend against buying the cheapest poles, because if they fail you -it’s likely you’ll get injured in some way… from scratches to broken bones or worse! They represent a key piece of your equipment, don’t skimp on getting a good pair… read reviews, etc.

  2. I have an obsession for making walking sticks. There’s just something about walking through the woods, seeing a half dead tree on the side of the trail and taking it and making it into something that will catch people’s attention.

      1. I’m no Dave Canterbury or Cody Lundin, but I’m pretty resourceful in the wilderness lol.

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